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Prom Hair 2009 - No Right Or Wrong

As we get ready to turn the corned towards Prom 2009 hairstyle trends are becoming clear based on previews of all the gorgeous Prom gowns that will be arriving in Prom Boutiques in January.

One thing is very clear.  Prom dresses for 2009 are trending (according to Prom Co-ordinators for Whatchamacallit Prom Gowns in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas) towards the short and sassy gowns versus the more traditional long Prom gowns.

Influenced by such sizzling hot popular films as High School Musical 3 and Twilight, prom fashion designers have created stunning 2009 Prom gown styles that have a major trend towards animal - especially Cheetah and Zebra - in every imaginable color.

Yes, Cheetah looks stunning in a wide range of colors.

The three hottest colors for Prom 2009 is pink, red and black.  The least popular color is white although white is always in fashion.  White's only downfall is that it is very hard to keep pristine clean.

The great news about the short and sassy prom gowns is the fact that they look fabulous on just about every body type, shape and size.

They also look great with every type of Prom hairstyle from long and lush, short and sultry to a wide range of updos, up/down hairdos and the current rage towards tousled, messy and sexy side, back and high ponies.

One thing is clear.  For Prom 2009 there is no right or wrong hairstyle.  Just as there is no right or wrong dress, hair can be worn in just about any style, which is very liberating for Prom girls who in the past had to worry about making sure their hair was perfect for their gown.  Those days are gone - especially for 2009 - which will make for a fabulous and fun Prom Hair season.

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