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Hair Tips: Fake Bob Hairstyles


When beautiful French actress Marion Cotillard graced the Red Carpet with a faux wavy bob, fans were pleasantly surprised. If you didn't know better, you might've thought Marion had just had her hair cut into a trendy bob dressed up with lush tousled waves.

Although you might assume Marion had adopted a hot new bob hairstyle and dressed it up with loose waves, that was not the case.

Fake Bob Hairstyles

Fake bob hairstyles, when styled properly, can be absolutely breathtaking and aren't that difficult to create with the proper hairstyling tools and products.

If you look closer, you would discover that Marion has naturally long strands with natural waves. The hairstyle she showcased early at An Evening With La Vie En Rose was the result of a popular hairstyling trick.

Although many celebrity hairdressers have been crafting camouflage hairstyles for their clients for years, Marion Cotillard totally claimed the technique as her own.

With a fistful of bobby pins, some Bungee or Blax elastic bands, styling products, and hairspray, Marion's stylist masterfully transformed long hair into short without the hint of a pair of scissors.

The artful use of a clip-in hair extension cap can also be used to instantly change Marion's hair from long brunette waves to a short sassy bob.

From Long Lush Curls To A Short Wavy Fake Bob

Marion's hair was first curled and tousled to create loose messy waves. Her tresses were brushed up and off her face with lots of volume throughout the sides.

The bulk of Marion's hair was softly pulled back towards the middle of the back of her head and expertly wrapped then pinned to give the impression that the celebrated performed had transitioned from her long waves to a short textured bob.

It was a brilliant hairstyle design and not all that complicated. In fact, anyone with either the willingness to create the appropriate waves and utilize the patience to pin the strands can re-create Marion's look.

This great faux bob can be created on hair for just about any length or natural texture. It looks fantastic and is fun to craft.

Step By Step Instructions

To recreate Marion's faux textured chin-length bob, follow the instructions below:

1. Shampoo your hair with a product designed to address your hair's type, texture, and current condition. Only one application of shampoo is necessary. Be sure to rinse really well. If tresses are fine or thin, consider using a volumizing product to pump up fullness.

Note: Depending on your hair's condition, you may wish to use a diluted formulation or do a conditioning-only rinse.

2. Apply a rinse-out conditioner if appropriate for your hair type and texture. If your hair is fine or tends to flatten easily, avoid this step.

3. Finish with a cool/cold final rinse to pump up the natural volume.

4. Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

5. Detangle starting with the ends using a wide tooth comb. Use a detangling product or leave-in conditioner. If tresses are fine or tend to flatten, use a light detangling product or conditioners sparingly to avoid weighing down strands.

6. Apply a volume-enhancing mousse and/or root lifter to build in lots of fullness and volume.

7. Bend over at the waist and blow dry with a long finger diffuser to maximize texture and volume. If you prefer, you can also use a round brush and a blow dryer to dry strands.

8. When hair is 100% dry, if diffused hair is not as full as you like, separate hair into 2" sections, spritz with hairspray or another setting spray, and then set on large electric rollers, self-adhesive hair rollers, or large sponge style rollers. Sit under a hood or bonnet-style hair dryer until the curlers are completely dry.

9. Remove rollers and spray with hairspray. Allow hair to dry from hairspray.

10. Use fingers to direct all hair behind the ears towards the back of the head. Arrange each side of the head to cascade with lots of volume and movement falling right above the chin. Use bobby pins the same color as the hair to create the look of a medium-length bob.

11. Roll the ends of the back of the hair up. Flatten against the back of the scalp and pin in place to create a faux bob edge.

12. Tousle loose waves around the face and along the sides. 13. Make sure all pins are secure. Finish with hairspray.

If you prefer a quick and easy transformation, select the appropriate color from the HairDo line to match your natural hair color.

Direct the bulk of your hair towards the back of your head. Pin the back of your hair up into a tight bun. Glide the clip-in extension onto your head and arrange your natural hair to cascade around the seams where the HairDo is applied.

Use a curling or flat iron on your natural hair to match the texture of your clip.

Note: The Jessica Simpson syntheticHairDo options can NOT be styled with a hot iron. The Human Hair version of the HairDo line can be cut, colored, chemically treated, and hotly styled.


There's nothing hotter than being able to instantly change up your hairstyle to re-create a hot new trend. Whether you want to pin up your medium or long strands so that your hair morphs into a faux Bob or you want to instantly change your color or texture, the hair world offers so many different options.

The only thing limiting your ability to instantly change your hair to match your mood or current fashions is your imagination. Whether you decide to create new hairstyles using hot tools, bobby pins, elastics and clips or wigs, and clip-in extensions is up to you.

- Revised Publication Date: 9/15/2022

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