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5 Minute Faster Hair Growth

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Recently someone asked me what I would list as the top tips to provide 5 minute faster hair growth.

I've been writing about hair growth facts and fantasies since 1988.

Since then, I've successfully grown and maintained my hip-length hair since the mid-1990s.

Can you grow your hair faster in just 5 minutes?

Not really, but if you consistently spend just 5 minutes every day working on tasks that may help improve your hair and its growth, you're ahead of the game.

Hair Growth Is Genetically Pre-Determined

5 Minute Faster Hair Growth Photo by Anastasia Leonova on Unsplash

The fact is that all hair growth, including how fast and how long hair ultimately grows, is genetically pre-determined.

Also, it's a fact that hair will not grow 1/4th, 1/2, or even 1 inch in a mere 5 minutes.

It's true if hair follicles are still alive, they are in some phase of growth transition.

Cycles Of 5 Minute Faster Hair Growth

The hair growth phases range from birth, growth, resting, and death.

These hair growth cycles are classified as the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases.

5 Minute Faster Hair Growth Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash

While hair follicles die naturally, unless there is a heredity male-pattern baldness condition or other trauma to the scalp, hair roots, or follicles, hair will regenerate and grow away.

No treatment exists to stimulate hair growth in follicles that have completely stopped growing, although some forms of hair transplantation may help hair regrow in thinning areas.

Hair Growth Occurs During The Anagen Phase

Actual hair growth occurs during the anagen phase, depending upon your genetic make-up can last approximately two to six years.

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During that time, hair will grow at various rates of speed, again depending upon a variety of factors starting with genetics.

The majority of all humans have a terminal hair length, which means their hair will only grow a pre-determined amount during the anagen cycle.

Secrets of 5 Minute Faster Hair Growth

The key for anyone wishing to maximize their pre-determined genetic hair growth rates is to take as many actions as possible to encourage optimal success.

5 Minute Faster Hair Growth Antonika Chanel From Unsplash

Since hair is growing 24 hours a day, spending even 5 minutes a day, every day, to help accelerate hair growth will be very beneficial.

Baby steps eventually add up to significant long-term hair growth benefits.

Daily Actions For 5 Minute Faster Hair Growth

Listed below are some actions you can take every single day to help achieve 5 minutes faster hair growth:

1.  Daily Scalp Massage

Take just a minute to apply a few drops of jojoba or the oil of your choice to your clean palms—massage with your fingertips. Apply to the ends and dry sections of your hair.

5 Minute Faster Hair Growth Kimia Zarifi on Unsplash

Massage will prevent unnecessary breakage and splitting, which can slow down your hair growth success cycles.

2.  Pull Your Hair Up Into A Protective Bun Hairstyle.

Buns are better than braids or ponies, which may be riskier for hair snagging.

Only wear your hair down for specific events and try to keep your hair braided or in a protective pony style.

3. Create A Soft Protective Hair-Friendly Braid

Learn to do a 2 minute 3 strand protective braid secured with hair-friendly elastics.

Never use rubber bands.

4. Block Sun, Wind, Water, And Air

5 Minute Faster Hair Growth Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Cover your hair to protect against sun, wind, water, open-air, or any other environmental conditions which can cause scalp burns or damage.

Remember, a damaged scalp can't grow hair.

5.  Keep Your Hands Out Of Your Hair At All Times

Take a minute to remind yourself to keep your hands out of your hair.

Keep hands away from your scalp except during planned scalp massages.

5 Minute Faster Hair Growth Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

The more you touch, stroke, flip and pick through your hair, the more you risk tangles and breakage.

6.  Avoid All Sharp Objects.

Avoid sharp fingernails or other objects from making contact with your scalp.

Tiny tears which may occur on the scalp from fingernails may cause damage and hair shedding.

7.  Religiously Detangle Hair.

Spend 5 minutes or less to detangle hair in the morning and evening or after tangling.

Use a hair-friendly wide tooth comb working from the ends to the roots.

8.  Dust Ends Minimally Every Two Months.

Trim ends only a tiny amount every two months for just 5 minutes to remove damaged ends.

5 Minute Faster Hair Growth Photo by Patrick Malleret on Unsplash

Use the best moon dates for fast growth.

Only use professional-quality scissors to avoid accidentally tearing surrounding healthy strands.

9.  Say Affirmations To Encourage Hair Growth.

Practice saying 5 minutes of faster hair growth affirmations every morning when you wake up and before you go to sleep to stay focused on your healthy hair goals.

Write your own customer affirmations.

Some sample hair growth affirmation includes, but are not limited to:

- Every day in every way my hair is growing longer, stronger, and healthier.

- My scalp, roots, and follicles are vibrantly healthy while growing stronger and longer every day.

- I love and appreciate my healthy, beautiful, and vibrantly growing strands.

10.  Perform Daily Visualizations.

5 Minute Faster Hair Growth Photo by Tabitha Turner on Unsplash

Every morning as you wake up before you get out of bed, and every evening before you go to sleep, spend 10 minutes visualizing healthy, strong hair growing from your hair roots.

Visualize having longer, stronger, more vibrant strands which are growing from the roots.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself with beautiful hair, exactly as you wish it to be.

Set your intention to grow the longest and strongest strands and then stay focused on your goal.

Notice all the details about your tresses:

Focus on how it looks, shines, and how you feel every time you detangle, brush or comb your hair.

Remember to love your hair and be proud of it all the time.  If you love your hair it will respond in kind.


All hair is genetically pre-determined.  Any hair growth occurs during the anagen cycle.

Even though no human can make hair, which is genetically programmed, grow faster, they can take lots of daily actions which encourage consistent healthy growth.

Add a bunch of daily baby steps, and you will be rewarded with long healthy hair.

Best wishes to all.

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