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  • Easy Tips for Achieving Healthy & Lustrous Hair

    Can you please provide some easy tips on how to have healthy & lustrous hair?  I see so many people with great hair and I never seem to achieve the same results. Thanks in advance.  Sara
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  • Color Correction Tips

    I desperately need some color correction tips. I decided to dye my hair at home.  According to the hair color package, the result should have given me a rich Ebony black. Unfortunately the color I got was not the color  I was expecting. My hair has an ashy/dirty brown look with the slightest green tinge in certain lights. What can I do to remove the green tinge? Can I deepen my hair color somehow? Should I use hair bleach?  I a  ...
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  • How To Control Wig Edges

    I recently bought my first full wig to wear so I'd would have additional styling options. I need to know how to control wig edges since my own hair always seems to escape from underneath the wig. I always struggle with getting and keeping all of my hair underneath the wig. This is true, even when I wear the wig right at my hairline.  I tried using bobby pins to hold my natural hair down, but the pins pop out and fall out. What are so  ...
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  • Long Hair Bun

    My natural hair color is a medium brown.  Recently I dyed my hair a deep raven black.  It's so black, it almost have a blue cast to it.  I love it. Do you have an idea for a cool, edgy long hair bun or updo?  My hair is also long and extends to the middle of my back. I've been invited to a dressy party and have picked out a gorgeous deep blue (a cross between turquoise and dark cornflower) long gown. I want to wear my long hair up, b  ...
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  • Keratin Smoothing

    Recently I've have heard a lot about the Schwarzkopf  Supreme Keratin hair smoothing treatment. I am very interested in the treatment and have several questions. When I asked my stylist about it she told me she doesn't offer any type of keratin treatments. She told me she feels they are concerning due to formaldehyde levels which were in previous versions of similar treatments from other salon treatments. My biggest concern with the   ...
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  • Hair Extension Extend Tubes Problems

    I recently had hair extensions put in and they hurt.  They put in the ones with a type of metal tube on the end. They told me at the salon that they are called Extend Tubes? Immediately after I got home with my extensions they started falling out. I've had them repaired twice. Now there is only a handful left.

    I was told they put 1  ...

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  • How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

    My hair tends to be very oily at the scalp. I know hair experts strongly recommend that you don't wash your hair every day. I still feel I need to suds my hair up everyday in order for it to feel clean.   I also like the way it looks when I can style it fresh after day after a fabulous full lathering shower. I am looking for recommendations on how to still get the same feeling as a daily shower  ...
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  • Too Much Hair Protein

    Hi, I have heard that too much protein for hair could do more damage than good. I have been using a shampoo and conditioner that have both hydrolyzed wheat and soy protein in the bottom third of the ingredients list. I have fine, straight hair and it has been looking dry, frizzy, fuzzy and yucky lately. I just did a deep conditioning treatment infused with jojoba oil and shea butter. Now my hair looks great. Do you think the protein sham  ...
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  • Coloring Curly Hair Gray?

    Dear Karen Here is my question: I am 34 and recently starting coloring my naturally curly hair because of my ever increasing silver and grays! I can’t have silver/gray hair at 34! I love my natural color (medium brown), but the first time I colored it I hated that it looked flat and blah with no shine.  It just didn't feel like me at all. Even more upsetting, my natural curls which I love, seemed to loosen and get limpy.  My hair   ...
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  • Going From Dark Brunette To Platinum Blonde

    Going From Dark Brunette To Platinum Blonde My natural hair color is a medium brunette,a little bit lighter than to Glee's Lea Michelle.  In fact, I used to wear my hair long and shiny with a full fringe.  I do have a lot of gray coming in at the temples and throughout the top. I decided about six months ago that I wanted to go much darker like Kim Kardashaian.  I went with the deepest black I could find.  I sel  ...
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  • Best Female Celebrity Bob Hairstyle On TV Currently?

    Who would you say has the best female celebrity bob hairstyle on TV currently?  Please also explain why. Thanks, Marian Answer Dear Marian, When it comes to the best female celebrity bob hairstyle on TV currently I think Patricia Arquette wins hands down. The actress who is starring in the highly anticipated new CBS CSI spinoff in the Spring of 2015 appeared in the series pi  ...
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  • Brunette To Blonde – Bleach Or Color Remover?

    Question - Brunette To Blonde - Bleach Or Color Remover? I have naturally medium brown hair which is a few inches below my shoulders.   I cover the natural brown with a drugstore product to even out the color which tends to fade on the ends. Recently my sister who just started beauty school about a month ago promised she could easily take me to a very light blonde.  My heart was set on platinum blonde.  My sister  ...
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  • Does Hair Color Damage Hair Texture?

    Question - Does Hair Color Damage Hair Texture? I've been visiting since 1997 and have found so many great answers to my questions about my naturally curly hair.  However, I have natural texture which would be classified mostly as 3c with a mixture of 4a in the naturally curly world. Recently I was encouraged by my guy to put highlights in my very dark black hair.  I bought a highlighting kit at the drugstore and  ...
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  • Best Curly Hair Product Ingredients?

    Question - Best Curly Hair Product Ingredients I have naturally curly hair which consists of the loose loopy curly type. I am constantly searching for products for my hair which are best.  Sometimes I'll find a great shampoo or conditioner which works great at first but then starts to lose it's oomph. I always read the labels on all shampoo and conditioners I buy to make sure there are no ingredients I know my hair doe  ...
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  • Platinum Hair Without Bride’s Permission

    Question - Platinum Hair Without Bride's Permission I'm the maid of honor in a wedding around Thanksgiving. Without discussing my decision with the bride, who is my future sister-in-law living in another state, I bleached my hair platinum blonde.  It was originally a dark brunette with some lighter highlights. When my mom mentioned to my brother about my drastic hair change, he   ...
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  • How Do I Get My Hair Shiny Naturally?

    Question I have medium length brunette hair which is naturally curly.  My curls are big and loose which is great.  I love my current texture.  My only complaint is that because my hair is curly, it never seems to be super shiny. I've tried different shine serums and while they add shine, they feel greasy, sticky or oily on my hair.  I also rinse my hair in co  ...
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  • Do I Have Hair Porosity?

    After a few terrible home hair color disasters my waist length hair was so damaged my hairstylist told me it needed to be cut.  She recommended that I go with shoulder length hair which she promised would remove the damage.  My hairstylist said that my hair was moisture deprived and suffering from major major loss due to all the recent bleaching and coloring. I don't want to have so much of my hair cut off so I've been applying lots and lots  ...
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  • Hair Cut Shock?

    Hair Cut Shock? I recently went to my hairstylist for a small hair trim and unfortunately they cut a lot more off than I asked for.  I wanted a trim, but they cut 6 inches off. As if that's not enough to deal with, now my ends are acting crazy weird.  They are thick and bushy which never happened before now.  I called the hairstylist to ask why this is happening and she said I was suffering from hair cut shoc  ...
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  • How To Go From Nicole Richie Buttery Blonde To 2010 Brunette Haircolor?

    I adore Nicole Richie and loved her hair best when it was that beautiful chocolate brunette with lots of highlights and low lights she had in 2010. I have several questions about Nicole's hair color.  Do you know the name of the colorist who colored her hair from butter blonde to the chocolate brunette from 2010? Also, do you know what exact hair color brand and shades were used on Nicole's hair so I can tell my own hair colorist what to l  ...
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