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Get Demi's G.I. Jane Body

Many people in the hair world were shocked when actress Demi Moore shaved her long raven black hair on camera for the film G.I. Jane. Those same people were even more amazed when they discovered how hard the actress worked out to get her body into rock hard shape for her on-screen role ...
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Short Hair: In The Pink With Rock's Bad Girl

Since the beginning of history the way a person wore their hair was the express route to making a very personal statement. Pink is a classic example of a superstar who has always been a hairstyle trendsetter. is instantly recognized for her unorthodox and wildly outrageous hair styles. Pink initially gained fame as much for her bright fuchsia pink hued strands as she did for her music. The secret to stealing Pink's latest short sassy hairstyle is to start with a great haircut from an experienced hair professional ...
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What's the difference between very dark blonde and light brown hair?

Generally speaking a very dark blonde and a light brunette will be very similar. The difference? It may be hard to really see a major difference between dark blonde and light brunette.  The biggest difference between very dark blonde and light brown hair is the underlying pigment. Also, the base of the blonde will tend to have more golden tones and the brunette will tend to have more brown tones ...
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Winnie Harlow Is Paul Mitchell's First Global Ambassador

In her role as Paul Mitchell's first-ever Global Ambassador, Winnie will inspire you to discover your best self ...
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