MYTH #1: You must switch out your shampoos, or they’ll stop working

Your hair isn’t a wheatfield; there's no need to practice product rotation. If hair looks dull, it's probably not the shampoo.

It's more likely that the shampoo and conditioners aren't being rinsed out entirely and are leaving behind a film.

MYTH #2: Split ends can be fixed with products

No.  This myth has been around forever, and it's completely untrue. No product will get rid of rips and splits except scissors. For gorgeous strands, keep all use of heat styling to a minimum (do you need that daily blowout or flat-iron fix?) and get a trim every eight weeks.

Yes, you can use some split-end fixers for temporary mending, but the product will be removed as soon as you wash your hair.  For a permanent fix, your only choice is to use scissors.

MYTH #3: Plucking out one gray hair will lead to more

“If that were true, everyone would pluck just to get thicker hair and then dye it!” said celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell.  Hallowell was the founder of the former Prawduct Haircare line. He said, "If you have a few grays, tug away—no worries."

Woman Blowdrying Hair Blow Drying Hair - SB Images - - All Rights Reserved

MYTH #4: Party prepping always requires a good wash ‘n’ dry

Squeaky-clean locks tend to slip around, while slightly dirtier hair can keep a shape and absorb styling products more efficiently.

“Updos normally work better with hair a day or so after it’s been shampooed,” said  Hallowell.  The celebrity hairdresser worked with everyone from Geena Davis to Sarah Jessica Parker.

MYTH #5: Blasting hot air helps give hair shine and sets a style

This hair myth is primarily factual, but the trick is not to start with your blow-dryer on full blast.

“Don’t apply super-hot heat to soaking wet hair,” said Barbara Lhotan, Paul Mitchell hair educator, “or else it will shock the hair, straining the strand and creating more frizz and fried strands.”

MYTH #6: If you shave your head, your hair will grow in thicker

Don’t think a G.I. Jane ‘do will ultimately give you Rapunzel tresses. “Your hair will all grow in one length, and all at the same time, which may seem like your hair is thicker, but in reality, it’s not,” said Robert Hallowell.


When in doubt about a hair myth, always trust your regular hair professional to give you the full scoop.  A lot of hair myths have started out as  rumors and managed to establish a false foothod in the consumer hair world.  Always check your facts before you adopt new hair habits.