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What Is The Wolf Hair Cut?

Jared Leto Showcases His Wolf Hair Cut At iHeart Radio Awards Jared Leto Showcases His Wolf Hair Cut At iHeart Radio Awards

All wolf-cut hairstyles, which originated in South Korea, are primarily a mixture of shag and mullet haircuts. The ultimate goal of the cut and style is to look unkempt, just like a wolf running through the forest. 

After the wolf hair cut was unveiled, it quickly gained popularity in fashion. It became a global sensation that continues to be popular in 2024.

Beyond those two hairstyle characteristics, endless variations range from hair texture and length to whether the cut is created with or without a fringe or bangs.

Wolf hair cuts are often worn with popular curtain bangs.

Lots of Layering

Both types of haircut - the shag and the mullet - are built around lots of layering. Traditional mullets had long tails, while shags don't traditionally have them. 

The wolf haircut is popular because it can be quickly adopted by people of all face shapes and ages. It looks especially fetching on a long neck.

Females, as well as males, can wear versions of the wolf haircuts.  Popular 51-year-old performer Jared Leto rocked a wolf haircut while attending the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards at the Dolby Theater on April 1, 2024, in Hollywood.

Advantages Of Wolf Haircuts

Shag haircuts have a long reputation for being incredibly sexy, sassy, edgy and trendy. By combining the shag with the mullet, the resulting look is fashionable. The different textures and layers create a unique vibe to the appearance. 

Initially, the hairstyle is low maintenance because it's intentionally worn, messy, and tousled. 

There is no right or wrong way to style and wear a wolf cut. Traditionally, longer hair is worn along the top with shorter strands at the bottom of the style, but sometimes the length is graduated from the top to the bottom. 

The wolf cut can be created on stick-straight strands but often works well with medium to thick hair. It also works best with hair that has some light texture, such as natural loose waves. Thin or fine hair may or may not be suitable for a wolf cut. 

Discuss your haircut and styling goals for long-term wear with your trusted hairstylist.

Disadvantages Of The Wolf Cut

Wolf cuts contain a lot of layering, which can grow out quickly. The haircut can quickly transition from calm and sassy to overgrown, saggy, and messy. 

If you select a wolf cut, be prepared to have it frequently trimmed and shaped, which can make it expensive to wear.

Wolf cuts may not be suitable for naturally curly or highly textured strands that are easily prone to frizz.

If hair is tightly curled or coiled, the only way to wear a wolf cut is to first straighten the natural texture. Whether straightening is achieved via chemical straightening, relaxing, or daily hot ironing, this may damage hair.

If a wolf cut is created with a razor rather than scissors, the layers may turn out to be unusually paper-thin and overly wispy. It's essential to have a skilled stylist cut your hair to ensure the proper wolf cut is correctly applied to your hair type, texture, and current condition.

The wolf haircut and shaggy hairstyles show no sign of fading in popularity.

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