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You Can Use This Hair Milk Even If You’re Lactose Intolerant

Try Hair Milk To Easy Detangling And Shiny Strands Beautiful Naturally Curly Hair - Image Licensed by

No, it’s not like the kind of milk you would buy at the dairy.

Nor is it derived from the milk of cows, goats, llamas, or guinea pigs (who do nurse their young).

Hair Milk Is A Cross Between A Leave-in Conditioner And a Treatment

Hair milk isn’t a liquid that is consumable for humans, with or without follicles.

Indeed, you don’t want to pop off the bottle’s cap and take a big swig with your mouth.

Most commercial hair milk is a cross between a leave-in conditioner and a lightweight treatment that detangles, protects, and shines.

My favorite type of hair milk is a hair serum formulated with a special magical ingredient — roucou oil — from the annatto plant native to the Amazon rain-forest, Africa, and parts of Asia.

An Exotic Oil Is A Secret Ingredient

Davines OI All in One Hair Milk Davines OI All in One Milk | Hair Milk Spray | Powerful Hair Detangler + Heat Protection | Smoothes Frizzy Hair

Roucou is the cool new “it” oil in hair school, having eclipsed the previously all-star argan oil.

Not only is this sizzling exotic oil from the Amazon (not the Prime kind), but it also promises a dizzying array of benefits to your scruffy, tangled, static-infused strands.

It offers antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiseptic scalp goodies while protecting against UV rays which can burn delicate scalps. It even throws photo-protective properties onto the benefits pile.

The precious oil targets damaged hair currents exacerbated by too many cheat times with sizzling hot wash water or hair frying blowers, irons, or similar static-inducing tools.

When Your Scalp Starts Shooting Out Electrical Sparks

When your scalp starts randomly shooting electrical sparks in all directions, and your dried, fried, frazzled follicles frizz to new heights, the roucou oil-infused hair milk glides right in.

Use This Hair Milk For Shiny, Silky, Detangled Strands Soft, shiny, healthy hair - Image licensed by

I tested different versions and my own person favorite hair milk is from Davines.

Note:  Neither I nor have any personal or business connection to the company or the product.  This information is based on my own private use of the product.

It superheroes all over your strands, saving you and the world from seeing your fuggly hair day.

You just can’t unsee those hair disasters — I know you know what I mean.  Tour hair may only go on static patrol only in the moisture-sucking furnace-embellished Winter.

Or it may stalk your dreams all year long, this mystical elixir delivers the anti-frizz goods under the covers of Hair Milk.

No wonder fans of the product call it the Hair Oil Whisperer.

My Hair Flattens Faster Than A Cold Pancake

Shiny Violet Hued Hair Violet Hair UnSplash Lera Kogan

Although I try to stretch my wet wash days by using dry shampoo, I’m always on the hunt for a product that gives me more Second Day hair.

My own hair is medium thick with natural waves and slight curls. It can frizz and tangle in no time before it flattens out faster than a cold pancake.

For many years I saw smug as a bug in a bear rug because I had found an incredible leave-in hair serum that left my hair full of silken waves. Until the company discontinued my secret product.

Eventually, my hidden stash was depleted, and I was again battling static frizz. I tried everything from hair oils to an array of leave-in serums, new rinse-out treatments, and deep conditioners.

Nothing really worked. I was convinced I had to learn to love my hair without my previous magical elixir.

An Unexpected Gift From The Hair Gods

Use This Hair Milk To Create Silky, Shiny, Strands A Bottle Of Milk - Image from No Revision on Unsplash

Then my friend offered me her new, barely used bottle of a famous All In One hair milk from Davines with roucou oil.

She didn’t like it for her extremely fine, thin, and naturally silky hair. It added too much softness.

She also didn't like the fragrance of the product which didn't bother me in the least.

Although I knew about the famous brand, I had never used their products or experienced roucou oil.

While some hair milks available in the hair marketplace have roucou oil, there are in the minority.

They definitely should. This particular Davines Hair Milk has packaging that reminded me of a milk bottle, and the company also brags about its roucou oil. It’s incredible.

An Instant Transformation

Woman Floating In A White Cloud Image of Young Woman - Unsplash - Photographer - averie woodard

The first time I spritzed the magic fluid on my towel-blotted post-shower hair, I was stunned when this elixir — hair milk, of all things — transformed my highlighted/lowlighted hair into sheets of silky softness.

There wasn’t a hint of static electricity or frizz in sight.

I was overjoyed. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined hair milk would be my new secret leave-in post-wash conditioning product.

Pack Up The Static Guard — You Won’t Need It Ever Again

The good news with this Hair Milk? You can step away from the real dryer sheets and save your Static Guard for your clingy clothing.  I've been using it for the past two years and continue to find it beneficial for my own hair.

Try Hair Milk For Your Strands Beautiful Shiny Textured Black Hair - Image Licensed by

A little goes a long way and it detangles like nothing else I’ve used.

It may not work for everyone and all hair types so be sure and do your own research before you purchase the product.

No hair product works for all people and all types of hair all the time.  Please remember that.

Do your own research, read independent customer reviews and consider the type of hair the reviewer has when you read the results they achieved.

Even better? You don’t have to worry about any random balloon attaching to your head for a quick rub. You will be static-free.

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