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Need Dressy Long Hair Style To Show Off Accessories


Hi Karen,

Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony - DC Media - 32nd Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Ball - October 23, 2011

I have long brown hair which extends several inches past my shoulders.  It is naturally wavy. I have a long side-swept fringe which I wear from a side part.

I am going to a special party where I want to wear some spectacular long earrings my husband gave me as a recent anniversary gift.

How should I wear my hair to showcase the earrings so that it doesn't get tangled in my hair?

I'm okay with wearing an updo or a pony, but the dress I'm wearing has a beautiful low-cut top with delicate straps.

I prefer to wear my hair with loose waves or more defined curls.  Any suggestions or images would be so helpful.

Anna K

Jennifer Lopez At 2015 MTV Movie Awards


Dear Anna,

I would suggest you consider a hairstyle where you wear your hair off your face with the top, sides, and fringe very polished and sleek but allowing your long hair to cascade from behind the sides into loose waves that slightly extend down and over your shoulders.

With that type of hairstyle, you can wear your hair long and cascade down in waves but show your ears and your amazing new earrings from your sweet hubby.

Jennifer Lopez Is Famous For Her Gorgeous Big Earrings

Jennifer Lopez, who loves spectacular earrings, often wears her hair to show off her earrings.

At the 2015 MTV Music Awards (shown to the side) she wore her long hair parted down the center with the sides of her hair sleekly tucked behind her ears.

The length of her hair was brushed back so that it flowed down over her shoulders towards her waist.  Although her hair only had a slight hint of waves, you could amp them up if you wanted to.

Or you can pin your side-swept fringe to one side to create a clean but sensuous look that directs attention to your accessories and the beautiful top of your gown.

For additional inspiration, check out some of the various hairstyles Jennifer Lopez wears in conjunction with some of her spectacular earrings.

In the image to the top, taken in 2013 at the Carousel Of Hope Ball, the superstar dazzles in a one-shoulder white gown with a very soft updo.

She matches her gorgeous gown with stunning large matching earrings.

Jennifer is also famous for styling her hair in sleeky hairstyles off her beautiful face and then pulled into a mid-back pony which is always beautifully polished with shiny waves.

Play with an array of hairstyles that both showcase the way you want to wear your hair and your earrings.


Best wishes,

Karen Marie Shelton Ask Karen

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