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2009 Leopard Hair Accessories Go On Fashion Prowl

Fashion changes all the time but it also stays the same.  Trends come and go but often they are similar to hot fashion trends from the past.

Such is the case with the new fashion trend to adorn with leopard and cheetah print accessories.   In some cases there can be such a thing as too much Leopard or Cheetah.

Look what happened to the fabulous Whoopi Goldberg when she dared to wear a full length cheetah dress at the 2009 Oscars. She might have done better to go with a solid color with a cheetah or leopard belt, scarf or even edging on the gown.

(Image of Karin's Garden Hand Made Silk Cheetah Headband which can be worn full or rolled into a thinner profile - Available at Marketplace - - All Rights Reserved).

Except on the right body type, age group and height, some animal prints like leopard and cheetah usually look best as accent pieces rather than as the primary focal point.  Right not there is a trend for adding cheetah accessories such as shoes, handbags and hair accessories.

Recently I have receiving lots of line sheets of headbands made out of lush cheetah prints. Although the Cheetah embellished accessories are available in au natural patterns, they are also showing up printed on a variety of soft background hues such as rich teals, dusty pinks and soft creams.

Nothing glams up a hairstyle like a gorgeous animal print headband or hair accessories.  The sweep of leopard or cheetah can be especially fetching and eye-catching, especially when appropriately incorporated into the hairstyle.

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