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Jessica Simpson, Ken Paves And Gerard Butler Dinner Date Mistruths And Rumors

E Online and recently reported that Jessica Simpson, escorted by Hollywood Mane Man Ken Paves were spotted in New York at dinner together.

Not just dinner, the two news outlets reported that Gerard and Jessica were flirting and making eye contact.

(Hollywood Mane Man Ken Paves coiffing Jessica Simpson - Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved)

Since that news hit, other tabloids have cooked up even more outrageous reports including Ken blocking Jessica from leaving to spend the evening with Gerard in his hotel room.

Actually, the follow-up reports are pretty hilarious and completely based on fiction.

Unfortunately for Gerard Butler he is so hot right now, anytime he's spotted with a woman, celebrity or not, the media immediately thinks he is on a date.  Even though Gerard and Jessica along with Ken Paves were out with a group of people, it was automatically assumed Jessica was on the prowl for Gerard or vice versa.

Nothing could be further from the truth, which is the word which came out of Gerard and Jessica's camps.

Yes, Gerard Butler has incredible sex appeal but the reports from the media about his SoHo dinner was completely innocent and involved a group of friends, not just Gerard, Jessica and Ken.

All of these sizzling romance scoops between celebrities have to be kept in context.  The media needs hot juicy scoops and the more publicity a star receives, false or not, the more interest they generate for their latest projects and career.  This type of publicity has been the norm for years and was started by the old Hollywood movie heads to keep their stars in the public eye and popular.

Gerard Butler is hot right now and any press he gets with gorgeous female stars will only help his career.  So don't believe what you read, only if you see it with your eyes of the two stars are interviewed on screen confessing to their actions.  Other than that, hot Hollywood scoops are probably not real.

As Bonnie Hunt says, there is always some truth in the middle but in this case the truth is that a bunch of people who know each other had dinner together.

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