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Headbands Instantly Punch Up Neutral Outfits

The December 20th issue of InTouch Magazine showcased reality TV star Olivia Palermo rocking some wild animal print shoes which provided an instant pop of color to her head to toe dark outfit.

The spotted leopard style sky-high angle booties worked for Olivia because they became the focal point of her style.

(Image of Karen Marie Leopard Print Satin Blend Sash Headband - All Rights Reserved - $17.00)

If  Olivia had been wearing the animal print as her entire outfit instead of just her booties she probably would have made the Last Laughs page of the tabloid instead of the fashion page.

Yesterday I spotted a young woman wearing a similar outfit to Olivia.  She had on black fitted pants, black boots and a black top.  She would have blended into the background except for the fact she was wearing a spotted animal print headband very similar to the print of Olivia Palmermo's shoes.

I stopped to ask her about her very cool headband and she explained "I wanted a pop of something fashion forward and since animal prints are so flirty and fun, it worked perfectly to keep me out of the bland zone."

She beamed "and I only paid $25 for this cool band versus lots more for shoes or a handbag."

(Image of Goody's limited edition Krista Headband - Available at Marketplace - $4.50 - All Rights Reserved)

Indeed, a perfect plan.  Instead of spending $149 for the BCBGeneration Chain booties showcased by InTouch as a perfect copy of Olivia Palermo's booties, why not spring for a chic but affordable animal print headband to showcase your edginess without going overboard?  It's not only kind to your budget but if you get tired of the trend, you can easily trade it out for something else without a major financial loss.

That's the beauty of hair accessories.  The offer a pop or color or fashion edge without the big bucks.  No wonder hair accessories never go out of style.

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