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Kirsten Dunst's Career & Glam Hair Are Back In Action


Kirsten Dunst's Career & Glam Hair Are Back In Action April 4, 2024, Kirsten Dunst on Jimmy Kimmel - Image by (Disney/Randy Holmes)

Kirsten Dunst is one of Hollywood's most successful actors. Her note-worthy on-screen career spans three decades

She nails award-winning roles.  But the Oscar-nominated actor knows how to hold her own.  Dunst is a much-admired Hollywood star.

Now, she's wowing fans and critics with her stunning latest on-screen role.  She also knows how to turn on the glam on the red carpet or nighttime talk shows.

Red Carpet Sizzle

Whether she's supporting her husband Jesse Plemmons on the Red Carpet at the 2024 Academy Awards or on Jimmy Kimmel, she turns up the wow.

On her April 4, 2024, visit to Jimmy Kimmel, her fashion style was simple, classic, and built around an elegant black show-stopping gown.

Her bright blonde below-the-shoulder side-parted hair shimmered against her striking black gown.

April 4, 2024, Kirsten Dunst on Jimmy Kimmel - Image by (Disney/Randy Holmes) April 4, 2024, Kirsten Dunst on Jimmy Kimmel - Image by (Disney/Randy Holmes)

Her hairstyle was soft, sleek, and elegant, featuring lightly tousled waves at the edges. Her makeup was perfect, and she wore a classic red lip.

Combing Glamour And Elegance

Dunst always seems to combine glamour and elegance with quintessential California cool effortlessly.

Yes, she has help from her regular celebrity hairstylist, Cervando Maldonado, famous for his signature perfectly tousled and relaxed locks he styles.

Maldonado infuses much of his stunning hair creations with the quintessential California cool look Dunst showcases so effortlessly.

Maldonado is in high demand for photoshoots and sets.

When he's not coiffing A-listers, he holds court out of his West Hollywood hair studio, 454 North. He co-founded the popular salon with hair aficionado Chris Bragg.

Retro-inspired Old Hollywood Hairstyles

Kirsten Dunst's Career And Glam Hair Are Back In Action April 4, 2024, Kirsten Dunst on Jimmy Kimmel - Image by (Disney/Randy Holmes)

Dunst has favored retro-inspired Old Hollywood hairstyles for her various awards ceremony appearances in the past.

Cervando Maldonado coifed her hair at the 2024 Emmy Awards.  The celeb stylist created a behind-the-scenes Instagram about Dunst's hairstyle.

He demonstrated how he created a 1930s "boudoir punk" updo on the actress.

Hair Products Maldonado Favors For Dunst's Hair

Maldonado told American Salon he favors "Olaplex products" for Kristen's bright blonde strands.

First, he applies Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist to damp roots and ends.  It creates lush fullness and movement.

Note: has no affiliate or professional relationship with Olaplex.

Kirsten Dunst's Career And Glam Hair Are Back In Action April 4, 2024, Kirsten Dunst on Jimmy Kimmel - Image by (Disney/Randy Holmes)

The hairdresser then used Nº.7 Bonding Oil. He said, “The oil is good for shine. It makes hair smooth and gives it some polish.”

Finally, he likes to lightly spray Olaplex 4D Clean Volume Dry Shampoo through Dunst's roots when he finishes.

He lightly spritzes it on the ends to create more texture and grip.

Maldonado's go-to brush is a Mason Pearson.

Civil War - Dunst's Latest Film

Dunst visited Kimmel to discuss her latest film.  She stars in A24's dystopian thriller Civil War as a photojournalist.

Her last screen role was two years ago in Jane Campion's The Power of the Dog, for which the often underrated Dunst finally received a long overdue Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Academy,

Kirsten at the Cannes film festival Kirsten at the Cannes Film Festival

Her beloved husband, Plemmons, also appears in the film. He appears in a harrowing scene as a soldier.

Dunst was recently interviewed (April 9, 2024) by Emily Burack of Town&Country. The actress told Burack that her husband normally "wouldn't play a part like this."

But the star-studded acting couple loves to work together.  They have natural on-screen chemistry, as demonstrated by their initial work on Fargo Season 2.

A Crazy Script

Dunst stressed, "He did a favor for us because that is a really disturbing role to play."  She added, "So it's not like he was jumping at the chance to play the role. Even reading the script, it's one of the craziest things I've ever seen."

As a result, Dunst said, "When we rolled up to set, it was just very, very tense and emotional for everybody filming that scene."

The actress told Marie Claire Magazine, "When I read the script, I thought, I've never done anything like this."

But it didn't stop her.  She jumped right into action for her part in the chilling film.

Dunst and Plemons' third acting collaboration (Fargo Season 2, The Power Of The Dog) was the classic "right place at the right time" situation.  It was good fortune for the couple and many of their fans.

Let's hope one of Hollywood's brilliant acting couples has more opportunities to create great collaborations in the future.

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