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Instant Hair Glam

Instant Hair Glam

Yuna Yang - Photo by Gustavo Villar - All Rights Reserved Yuna Yang 2014 Show - Lead hairstylist - Tadashi Harada - Photo by Gustavo Villar - Source - BeautyPress - All Rights Reserved

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays right around the corner, it's perfect timing to pull out some down-to-earth instant hair glam tricks.

Whip Up An Array Of Instant Hair Glam

Whether you’re  enjoying some delicious turkey, standing under the mistletoe with your favorite crush or ringing in the New Year, whip up the following hairstyles to look your Holiday best:

1.  Create instant hair glam with an array of sleek chignons.

2.  Change up a sassy chignon by positioning it at different locations on your head.

3.  Fasten a tousled hair bun at the top, near the crown, nestled into the back of the head or at the nape.

4.  Reinvent your regular pony with more or less texture, by adding bubbles or changing the position of the base.

5.  Fasten your strands into tiers.  Create a bold layered half up/half down style with tiered ponytails, buns and/or braids.

6.  Create an array of dressy braids or use them for accent coils.  Wear a main braid down the back or on either side.  Create a minor braid to coil across the hairline, at the crown of wrapped to one side.

Easy Pony Bun

2014 Yuna Yang -   Lead hairstylist - Tadashi Harada Images: Gustavo Villar - Beauty Press - All Rights Reserved Yuna Yang 2014 Show - Lead hairstylist - Tadashi Harada - Images - Gustavo Villar - Source - BeautyPress - All Rights Reserved

For a dressier Holiday hairstyle follow the steps below to create an easy pony bun:

1.  Create a quick up-do by applying a dry cornstarch based powder or shampoo formula to amp up hair texture.

2.  Use fingers or a boar bristle brush to remove excess powder.

3.  Direct all hair back into a low or upper nape ponytail and secure with hair friendly elastic.

4.  Pick up various sized strands from the pony.  Loop, twist and braid them into and around the base of the pony.

5.  Secure each loop, twist or braid with bobby pins.

6.  Use fingers to lightly loosen and arrange individual loops, twists and braids.

7.  Spray with a flexible hold hair spray to keep in place.

8.  Add a decorative pin, bobbies or clips to finish.

Optionally you may wish to add a crystal encrusted headband to the front of the hair line, a few inches back from the forehead.

Photographer: Eric Marillier - Souce - BeautyPress - All Rights Reserved Photographer: Eric Marillier - Source - BeautyPress - All Rights Reserved

Easy Pony Waves

Have a jam packed day ahead?   Follow the steps below to create easy pony waves:

1.  Secure all of your hair into a messy ponytail secured at the middle of the back of the head.

2.  Separate ponytail into an array of individual strands approximately 2-4" in diameter.

3.  Twist each strand tightly and then fasten at the ends.   The tighter you fasten and twist each strand, the more waves you'll achieve.

4.  Allow each of the strands to flow freely or combine the into one big pony by fastening all of the strands at the ends with a hair friendly elastic.

5.  Spritz with a medium hold hairspray.  This hairstyle should serve as your first style of the day.

6.  Before going out for the evening, undo all of the ponytails.

7.  Flip your head down spritz with styling hairspray.

8.  Flip hair back to create volume.   For added texture touch up the strands with a 1 1/2" curling iron.

Optionally you can twist one or both sides or the hair up and away from the face.

If you prefer, you can add a decorative headband to finish the style.

Summary - Instant Hair Glam

When it comes to instant hair glam, combine a down-to-earth attitude with creative whimsy for amazing hair designs all your own.

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