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I Want To Straighten My Curly Hair Permanently

Jonah Hill Curly Hair Jonah Hill Curly Hair


Dear Karen,

Most respectfully I want to ask you about my curly hair.  I have used a lot of creams to straighten the curls, but all in vain.  A few days after I use the many different creams my curls rebound.  I am a young man who just wants to permanently straighten my curly hair.

Can you tell me what should I do to make my hair straight for unlimited time periods?

Yours Sincerely

Ali Bin Zaib



Dear Ali Bin Zaib,

Thank you for visiting AskKaren and for your question.  When it comes to naturally textured hair - naturally curly, wavy, kinky or coily - there a a set number of options which include the following:

1.  Wearing the hair naturally textured -  This means the hair is worn au natural.

Jonah Hill With Naturally Curly Hair Jonah Hill With Naturally Curly Hair

2.  Temporarily relaxing texture - This is done by utilizing a straightening balm/defristant product mixture applied to newly washed damp hair.  The straightening balms are used in conjunction with a 100% boar bristle brush (round or paddle style) and a blow dryer.  It's best to use a blow dryer with a concentrator attachment to guarantee a consistent air flow to the individual sections of hair.

To take natural curls to a level of ultimate straightness a flat iron is run through the blow dried strands in sections.  This is truly a temporary natural texture relaxing method.  This type of curl relaxing lasts only until hair becomes hair or is washed.  This methodology may also not be effective in humid or wet climates.

3.  Texture softening through chemical relaxing - Depending upon the type of natural texture, the application of a chemical relaxer will soften natural curls, waves, coils and kinks so that it is much easier to blow dry it straight.  In some cases the application of a natural relaxer may even completely straighten loose waves or curls.  A relaxer may soften tight curls or coils, but will not straighten them.

Although a chemical hair treatment, a relaxer, unlike a chemical straightener, is temporary.  This means that the effect of the relaxer will slowly wear off the hair over time.  A chemical relaxer does not leave a root line since the effects of the relaxer will completely evaporate from the hair  after a period of several weeks.  The amount of time a relaxer remains active on the hair depends on a variety of factors ranging from hair type, texture, current condition and even length.

Jonah Hill Naturally Curly Hair Jonah Hill Naturally Curly Hair

4.  Permanent straightening through chemical treatments - Chemical hair straightening treatments alter the natural texture leaving the hair stick straight.  Unlike relaxers, chemical straighteners do not wear off over time.  The hair will remain straight until the natural texture of the hair grows out from the roots.

One of the key challenges of chemically straightened hair is dealing with the root regrowth line.  While it's possible to touch-up the roots as they become noticeable, it's important not to overlap the chemical straighteners on hair which has previously been straightened.

5.  Keratin treatments - One of the latest treatments for frizzy dry hair, which will often help naturally curly hair, is liquid keratin treatments applied by a professional hairstylist or at home with a special kit.  It is considered effective in the straightening of frizzy curly or wavy hair.  Usually the liquid keratin treatments will last through 14-16 hair washes.   Keratin treatments are similar to relaxers by the fact that in many cases the hair will continue to form large curls and waves.

Keratin treatments may or may not contain formaldehyde or similar chemicals which are considered questionable for overall consumer and stylist safety.

Jonah Hill Naturally Curly Hair Jonah Hill Naturally Curly Hair

The controversial Brazilian style treatments may or may not contain harmful chemicals when inhaled but can offer the same temporary curl relaxing results of chemical relaxers.

Advantages And Disadvantages

When it comes to permanently straightening natural hair textures there is no completely permanent treatment.  Chemical straighteners will last until the natural texture starts to grow back in at the roots.

If hair grows slowly it may be possible to avoid an obvious root regrowth line for several weeks or months.  However, the roots will need to be permanently touched up to prevent the natural texture from returning.

Even if you shave your head to remove all of your hair, the new hair will grow back with the same texture before you shaved it.

Best wishes,

Karen Marie Shelton


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