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How To Embrace Curly Hair

How To Embrace Curly Hair

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Curly and naturally textured hair always gets a big seal of approval when First Lady Michelle Obama appears in public with her own natural tresses worn in beautiful curls.   The First Lady gives instant validation to natural hair textures which have become a lot more popular over the past few years.

Twenty five years ago people with natural hair textures were more likely to chemically straighten or relax their hair than they were to wear it in beautiful natural styles.

Although natural textures are being embraced by more hair consumers than ever before, they still want curls they can control and aren't just a mass of chaotic coils and kinks on top of their heads.  They want to have smooth, frizz free, but soft and loose curl patterns which look defined and structured.

Anyone who has naturally textured hair knows that it can be very high maintenance.  Especially when worn in carefully structured, defined or refined styles.  Even though smoother, looser curl patterns are highly sought after by those with natural hair textures, it does take some work to create those patterns.

Natural curl and haircolor expert Rose Zuniga of Dallas, Texas uses a special technique to relax, soften and enhance natural curls.  Rose applies a curl softening relaxer to tightly coiled or curled hair and then gently manipulating the hair while the relaxer's applied so that a soft loose curl is retained, but the tightness, frizz and kinkiness of super curls are relaxed.  Curls are still retained, but are more defined, structured and soft. 

Curls are refine, loose, silky and shiny.  In essence Rose creates a type of elongated curl based off the natural texture.  Of course not all naturally textured people can have the treatment applied to their hair, especially if it is already colored, highlighted or low lighted.

The great news about Rose is that she knows curls better than most and can provide expert advice on how to best embrace curly and naturally textured hair.

With Rose's technique the hair is stretched by not straightened.  It helps to cut styling time in half because the hair no longer shrinks as much when it's drying.  When the softening elongating technique is combined with proper cleansing and product application the results are fabulous.  Curls are shiny, soft, well formed, defined, plump and moist.

For more information contact Rose at 214-755-5628 or leave her a message on Facebook.


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