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Embrace Your Natural Curl this Season!

Embrace Your Natural Curl this Season! Embrace Your Natural Curl this Season! Hair by Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved

With warm weather on the horizon, a raise in temps may lead to some scary hair situations.

Especially for those with wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair.

The thought of frizzy, unruly tresses is enough wish for cold winter weather to return.

Harmful Straightening Treatments - CURLS Founder Has the Answers

With many straightening treatments being “outed” as harmful for your hair,  CURLS founder Mahisha Dellinger explained to me why it’s important "to get in touch with those natural locks!"

Any Amount Of Formaldehyde May Be Too Many

According to Ms. Dellinger, the problem comes "from many hair professionals downplaying the minimal amount of formaldehyde in straightening treatments."

Isn’t any amount too much?

Embrace Your Natural Curl this Season! - Image by Tyler Hix - Unsplash - All Rights Reserved Embrace Your Natural Curl this Season! - Image by Tyler Hix - Unsplash - All Rights Reserved

The CURLS founder readily understands how a formaldehyde-free solution which may be radical to some.

According to the curl guru, the best thing you can do to honor your hair is to embrace your natural curl this season.

Frizz Is Associated With Hair Damage To Waves, Curls, Coils And Kinks

Limited natural hair product options in the past made it difficult to achieve great curls in the midst of frizz.

Mahisha explained that frizz is associated with damage and constantly straightening curly hair will eventually cause more damage, which will in time lead back to frizz.

Talk about a vicious cycle!

In today's hair world there’s no reason to put your tresses through unnecessary straightening stress.

Using quality curly hair products on a regular basis for your naturally kinky, wavy, curly hair is a fabulous idea.

Quality texture hair care products offer long-term benefits.  These stem from the fact that they're formulated with rich, natural humectants, true organic moisturizers and curl enhancers.

Don’t justify formaldehyde, embrace natural!

How To Embrace Your Natural Curls This Season

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to embrace your natural curls this season. It's even easier if you proceed to  step 4 if you do it the CURLS!

Embrace Your Natural Curl this Season! Hair by Sherri Jessee - Hair by Sherri Jessee - - All Rights Reserved

Step 1: Cleanse – Cleanse with a sulfate-free cleanser, such as the Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream.

This cleaner is less damaging and gentler for hair than the many shampoos available that contain harmful sulfates.

Step 2: Condition – Condition hair with a moisturizing conditioner, chock full of natural and organic ingredients.   One to try is the CURLS Coconut Sublime Moisturizing Conditioner which is perfect for superior hydration.

Step 3: Moisturize – Hydration is key to keeping your curls defined and frizz-free.  Quenched Curls Moisturizer is perfect for adding a layer of moisture.  It's also great as a second day refresher to skip wet washing.

Step 4: Style – Find a leave-in styler which is just right for you.  Not all curls are the same, they're as unique as the individual they belong to.

When possible choose a styler formulated with natural ingredients designed to give you the hold, definition and outcome your hair prefers.

CURLS Cashmere Curls is the brand’s styler for softening, repairing, strengthening and defining your curls.

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