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Naturally Curly Hair Jungle Frizz

Naturally Curly Hair Jungle Frizz

Over the past year I've been researching frizzy hair.  I have naturally wavy hair with some loose curl patterns throughout the edges and along the nape of my neck.

Although I have spent the last 20 years learning how to care for my hair and avoid the majority of frizz, it will still attack at random moments.  My own hair is most susceptible to bone dry frizz related to the genetic shape of my hair and natural moisture loss.

(Image of Edan Kencayd - Hair by Barbara Lhotan - Image by Jeffrey Hines - - All Rights Reserved).

During my research I have talked to hair experts who have expertise in natural textures.  They have helped be categorize frizz into general categories to help understand how the frizz occurs and how to treat it.

Frizzy Hair Categories

After spending considerable time researching frizz, which can strike anyone, with any type of hair I wrote a blog about the various frizz categories.

Of course after the blog was completely finished and published I discovered I had forgotten a very important category of frizz.  I forget the jungle frizz category.  Jungle frizz is unique because it is specifically named by's Edan Kencayd to describe the frizz that descends upon her natural curls.

Jungle Frizz Definition

This type of frizz was discovered by's Edan Kencayd who has a mass of curls, coils and kinks which at any time will explode into a mountain of big hair she defines as "jungle hair".

I've known Edan for many years and when her hair is misbehaving and frizzing she will tell me she has "jungle frizz".

Sometimes she will experience a wilder form of frizz tubes on her normally beautiful ringlets.  Other times she will have a combination of surface frizz, frizzed ends and scrunched in frizz.

The interesting thing about Edan's jungle frizz is that it never looks the same and it strikes without warning.  Edan has learned to embrace her jungle hair which consists of multiple curl patterns by taking advantage of gorgeous hair accessories to offset any frizz that may be billowing off her stunning chocolate brown naturally textured tresses.

The Joy Of Edan's Natural Curls

When I first met Edan five years ago in a Feng Shui class her naturally textured hair was trashed due to a most recent adventure with bleach (even though she looked great as a blonde) fusion hair extensions and other chemical treatments.

The first week Edan joined the team we literally lathered her hair with moisturizing oils and talked until all hours about her natural curls.

There are many things I adore about Edan, but I love that she is always up for a great adventure.  I often tease her she would travel to a garbage dump somewhere if the trip was all expenses paid and in an exotic location.

Camped Out At Robert Hallowell's House In LA For Hair Experiments

All kidding aside, part of the fabulousity of Edan is that she is willing to experiment.  As a result of her go-anywhere-do-anything attitude the two of us have traveled around the United States meeting lots of interesting hairstylists and trying out all kinds of hair treatments.

Last summer we spent over 12 hours at celebrity hairstylist Robert Hallowell's house in Los Angeles where we both had our natural textures lovingly attended to by the self titled Kitchen Beautician.

Robert also colored Edan's hair with a semi-perm chocolate brown, applied a keratin straightening treatment, trimmed her curls so they stacked in perfect harmony and then applied long luscious hair extensions.

See what I mean?  Edan is up for anything.  She looked like a 40s movie queen when Robert was finished.

Naturally Curly Hair Jungle Frizz Care

Unlike some who fight their natural textures and frizz, Edan always embraces it.  Her combination Latin and European heritage has gifted her with some of the most beautiful ringlets and curls I have ever seen.

Yes, they misbehave, but during her time at she has fine tuned her curly hair care to a science.  She has formulated her own curl care program which works well for her and her hair.

When her jungle hair explodes into jungle frizz, even after taking all the necessary precautions she literally laughs it off, pulls her hair up into a cut knot or twist and pops on some of her stunning Tarina Tarantino hair accessories.

There's a reason that we gorge on Tarina's accessories here at  I have been a fan of Tarina's since the beginning and Edan caught the TT addiction as well.

Tarina Tarantino makes some of the most eye popping, mouth watering, gorgeous hair accessories I have ever seen. Edan knows how to turn a jungle frizz day into a spectacular Tarina Tarantino day with an array of hair flowers, headbands and clips.

I have literally watched her hair explode into jungle frizz before my very eyes.  Minutes later Edan's hair accessory embellished jungle frizz will be so gorgeous she will get compliments everywhere she goes.  It never ceases to amaze me.

Embrace Your Jungle Or Related Frizz

Whether you ever suffer from frizz or not, Edan offers a great example of how to embrace your hair and love it no matter what it happens to be doing.

Whether you embrace your jungle or other frizz by letting it just flow or you pull it back and embellish it with hair accessories or other accessories, you can still love and enjoy your hair.

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