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Dark Underarm Hair That Never Seems To Be Completely Removed?

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Dear Karen,

My baby sister is getting married and I'm a bridesmaid. Our gowns are sleeveless, but I'm worried because I have very dark, very course underarm hair that just never seems to be completely removed. No matter what I do.

Even right after I shave, the hair seems to instantly grow back and is super dark. Do you have any suggestions of what I might do?

Thanks much.

Beth Anne


Dear Beth Anne,

One option is to have your underarms waxed by a professional hair removal specialist. A lot of the pros who do bikini waxes also will wax the underarm areas. While it probably will not feel great during the waxing process, it will slow down re-growth and can temporarily eliminate the dark shadow effect.

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A potential downside is the fact that the 24-48 hours after the waxing, your underarms may be red and sensitive. You may not be able to use your normal underarm products.  To be safe, have a trial run several months before the wedding to see how you react to the underarm waxing. That way you can gauge if the process is worth it for the wedding.

You can also track any reactions such as redness, swelling or bumps. If you decide to have your underarms waxed for the wedding, your timing can be planned to allow for any reactions with an idea of how long it will take for your underarms to be back to normal for regular underarm product use.

You might be surprised to discover how many women - and yes men - do have many different parts of their body waxed to help retard re-growth and lesson the intensity of hair shadows.

While there are other underarm hair control options which can be considered, for a one time event like your sister's wedding, waxing seems like the best bet as a short term option.

Good luck to you.

Karen Marie Shelton


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