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Ginger Hair & Scalp Treatment

Ginger Hair & Scalp Treatment

This treatment Increases blood circulation to the scalp, which may help strengthen the roots of the hair and in some cases may help bump up follicle response to the increased blood so that in some cases it may help the roots to attain optimal growth.

Are there any guarantees the ginger scalp treatment will make your hair grow faster?  There is no conclusive scientific evidence that using a ginger scalp treatment will help regrow hair which has already fallen out or regenerate bald spots.

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There is also no guarantee it will help hair grow faster.

For some people the tingling they feel when the ginger is applied to their scalps provides positive encouragement that the ginger is working to stimulate root growth.

Many have reported positive results from using the ginger scalp treatment for an extended period of time.  Will those results be the same for everyone?  No.  But if you are willing to consistently apply the scalp formulation.

Combine the following ingredients together.  When possible use organic

ingredients.  Adjust the amount used depending on the length and

thickness of your tresses.

1 tablespoon finely grated fresh ginger

1 tablespoon sesame or jojoba oil

This formula can be applied either before or after shampooing. If applied after, be sure to rinse out extremely well.

Combine the ingredients, massage into the scalp, and leave on for at least 30 minutes.  Shampoo or rinse out.

When possible allow hair to aid-dry.  Optionally you can leave on overnight to receive the maximum benefit.

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