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Damian Lewis From Ginger Red To A Bald Head

Introduction - Damian Lewis Ginger Red To Bald Head

Damian Lewis as Sergeant Brody - CBS/Showtime Damian Lewis as Sergeant Brody - CBS/Showtime

Fans of Showtime's award winning series Homeland might be surprised to hear about the recent transition of Damian Lewis (born 11 February 1971) from ginger red to a bald head.

The reason for the bold hair change?

The actor who won the 2012 Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy, Golden Globe and Satellite Best Actor awards for his portrayal of Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody is starring in the film The Silent Storm as a commanding minister.

Damian Lewis Takes On Different Role As Minister

In the film Lewis, as the minister, deals with the affair between his wife (Andrea Riseborough) and a troubled male who comes into their home. 

Obviously the 42 year old  actor wants to completely distance himself from his ginger red haired Brody to the powerful minister.  One of the best ways to adopt a new character is to shave your hair.

Demi Moore shaved her head on film for GI Jane.  Other celebrities have taken a similar path with shaving their heads in order to completely distance themselves from a known character.

The Actor Is Unrecognizable Without Hair

The British actor and producer showed off his new shaved head look on Monday, June 24, while out in Isle of Mull, Scotland, where the drama is shooting.

It was reported that photographers initially didn't recognize Lewis because of his bald head and dark sunglasses.  He definitely didn't look like Nicholas Brody.

Actor Damian Lewis Actor Damian Lewis

The actor portrayed a ginger haired Charlie Crews in TV's Life on NBC from 2007-2009.   Lewis, as Detective Charlie Crews, was a former policeman who wound up in prison.  Upon his release he worked to clear his name and redeem his former career.

Lewis was also a fan favorite as Major Richard Winters in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers.

Bald For 3rd Season Of Homeland?

One hairy question is whether Sergeant Brody will appear on the 3rd season of Homeland sans hair or not?

There are a lot of possibilities.  The Homeland plot might involve Lewis getting his head shaved for a wide number of reasons.  Certainly the plot could include a head shaving for Brody.

Or Lewis might wear a ginger hued wig.

Another possibility is that Lewis has fast growing hair which will show up just in time for the new season.  Only time will tell.

In the meantime the media will be covering the transition of Damian Lewis From Ginger Red To A Bald Head.

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