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Hair On Fire Is No Joke For Teen

Fire is often used to send a dramatic message.

In some cases people jokingly refer to having their hair on fire as an example of living a fast and furious life, for 16 year old Devin Lewis of Ohio, it was no laughing matter.

As reported by The Cincinnati Enquirer and Hamilton Journal News the teen was riding on a Middletown school bus on February 4th when someone grabbed and pulled off the hood he was wearing to cover his head.

Lewis reported he jerked his head back when a student held a lighter in front of his face and other set his hair on fire.

Lewis had sections of his hair burned off, but did not require medical attention.

Luckily for Lewis he did not suffer the fate of superstar Michael Jackson who suffered serious burns and long term residual pain for years after his hair caught on fire during the filming of a soft drink commercial.

Hair on fire is nothing to laugh, tease or play with.  As a result of their actions three teenage boys pleaded guilty recently to charges related to their actions in Ohio.

The teen boys responsible for setting Lewis' hair on fire were 17, 16 and 15.  They entered pleas in the case in Butler County Juvenile Court.  The 15-year old and the 17-year old were ordered to remain in juvenile detention until formal sentencing which is scheduled for May 27th.  The third teen, the 16-year old, plead guilty to disorderly conduct and will be electronically monitored at home until the May 27th sentencing.

Lewis told the Enquirer he isn't sure why the teens targeted him, but that he hopes they get help. His family said Lewis hasn't become embittered from years of bullying.  "I could have turned out to be a really mean person, but I didn't," Lewis told the Enquirer.  Stephanie McKeehan, Lewis' mother, said her son has received an outpouring of support, the JournalNews reported.

"They've sent him cards and letters of encouragement, so the support of the students has been very good."

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