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Drums, Fire, and Gypsies

Drums, Fire, and GypsiesNo - these aren't the key ingredients of the next installment of Indiana Jones - ok - maybe they are - but they also exist, unbeknownst to many, in the center of downtown Dallas.

Every Wednesday night...

The gypsy caravans pull up along with many drum enthusiasts, and pile into the Across The Street Bar for an evening of amazing drum beats and live dancing not to mention fire whizzing by in every possible direction. Drums, Fire, and Gypsies

In I walk with my plus one for the evening, where my second plus one is already waiting. Emulating the smoothness and panache of James Bond, he charmingly hands the doorman his American Express Black Card - and in his sexist tone says "Two please" as he arches one eyebrow. "Uh...dude...we only take cash" was quickly spouted back. Luckily, the man behind us offered to pay our way in exchange for two beverages - deal!

Drums, Fire, and GypsiesOnce on the back patio I was immediately mesmerized by the many gypsies and their ability to belly dance in unison. So mesmerized, in fact, I hadn't noticed that the gentlemen sitting to my right had accidentally caught on fire due to a flame twirlers slight mishap. But soon enough it was under control and I was back to my enchanted state of being.

The drums, the fire, the gypsies...I could have stayed all night...

Definitely a thumbs up for the Across The Street Bar's Drum Jam every Wednesday night at 9pm. 5625 Yale Blvd. Dallas Texas 75206

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Fire twirling and dancing...

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