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Dandruff Treatments For Dry & Oily Dandruff

As with the rest of your skin, the skin of your scalp is constantly being renewed. On the surface the dead cells shed invisibly in the form of small scales. Dandruff is the result of an acceleration of this process.

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Dandruff Causes

Several factors can cause the scalp and hair to become dry.

Internal factors


-The excessive multiplication of cells from the epidermis.

-The proliferation of fungus.

External factors

- Use of inappropriate hair care products

- Irritation due to itchiness

- Stress, an unbalanced diet


We can distinguish between two types of dandruff:

Dry Scalp With Dry Dandruff

On a dry scalp, the dandruff is thin, the flakes are minute, and do not adhere to the scalp but fall onto the shoulders.

Oily Scalp With Oily Dandruff

On an oily, frequently inflamed scalp, the flakes are often caught in the sebum and form clusters.

Rene Furterer's Solution

With natural ingredients, the Melaleuca formula thoroughly cleanses the scalp.

Rene Furterer Recommends

Rene Furterer recommends the follow preparations:


Prepare the scalp with Complexe 5 or if your scalp is sensitive or inflamed Rene Furterer - Curbicia Regulating Shampoo.  You may also wish to use Rene Furterer Astera No Rinse Soothing Serum.

Apply section by section to a dry scalp. Massage into the scalp. Leave on for ten minutes. Then, without rinsing, apply your treatment for flaking scalp, Melaleuca Dandruff treatment Gel.


Melaleuca, Melaleuca Dandruff treatment Gel

With biweekly application, and as of the first application, this gel can work to eliminate your dandruff. With continued use, it prevents dandruff from recurring.

Shampoo Treatments

Choose Rene Furterer - Curbicia Regulating Shampoo or Rene Furterer Karite Shampoo

As a shampoo for use in-between treatments, Rene Furterer recommends Astera Soothing Milk Shampoo.

Both gently Cleanse, and can be used as frequently as necessary.

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