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Kate Middleton's Fake Tiara Bridal Hairstyle

Introduction - Kate Middleton's Fake Tiara Bridal Hairstyle

When Kate Middleton stepped out of her hotel on Friday morning the media was in a frenzy to get a look at the secret wedding gown and to discover her ultimate bridal hairstyle.

Little did the media know that Kate's hair was initially designed around a fake tiara bridal hairstyle.

The International press was anxious to uncover the name of the British designer who won the coveted prize of designing the gorgeous bridal gown.  They also wanted to get a very close look at her hair.  Was Kate wearing her famous brunette tresses up, down or in a half up and down bridal do?

A Gorgeous Demi Chignon - Designed Around Fake Tiara Bridal Hairstyle

It didn't take look to determine that Kate was wearing what her royal hairdressers defined as a 'demi chignon' for the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.  Her hairstylist, James Pryce, 33 (of  Hampstead, north London) from the Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa in London, confessed styling Kate's hair was the "gig of the century."

Of course Bryce, Richard Ward and the Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa will always be remembered as Kate's Royal hairdressers.

He also told the media the future Princess was "calm and collected" in the morning as she prepared to finally marry the Prince she had been waiting for over the past several years.

Jame Pryce & The Fake Tiara Bridal Hairstyle

To prepare for the final wedding hairstyle James Pryce told the media he had utilized a fake £10.50 tiara and a salon's personal assistant to practice styling Kate's hair.  Since Kate was going to be wearing the gorgeous 1936 priceless Cartier halo tiara on loan from The Queen, it just wouldn't do to have the bridal tiara for practice sessions at the salon.  Therefore Pryce worked instead creating a fake tiara bridal hairstyle.

Describing the various practice  sessions which he undertook many times with the fake tiara bridal hairstyle and the Kate stand-in, Pryce revealed "we used to lock the office and she (the Kate substitute) would be tapping away on her computer while we worked."

Kate Selected A Romantic Demi Chignon - Not A Fake Tiara Bridal Hairstyle Afterall

Pryce noted he practiced sweeping the hair back and pinning it discreetly at the back of her head in the "demi chignon."

Although Kate's hairdresser confirmed the Duchess usually wears her gorgeous chestnut tresses cascading down around her shoulders, she chose the half-up, half-down hairstyle on her wedding day because she wanted to look like herself when she walked down the aisle.

Indeed, Kate's choice of wedding hairstyle was perfect.  She did look just like herself, but with just a bit more polish.

Her long brunette tresses were softly curled into romantic waves which cascaded down behind her shoulders.  While her hair looked lovely and worked perfectly with the stunning tiara, her bridal hairstyle did not get in the way of showing off her stunning gown.

"She was very keen to have a romantic theme throughout the whole look so that involved lots of soft waves and curls and but then still obviously keeping the back down and showing off those luscious locks," Pryce said.  He confirmed that Kate, like every other part of the Royal Wedding, had a very definite plan for how she wanted to wear her hair.

The Bride's Vision Of Her Wedding Hairstyle

Pryce said the bride had a vision for her look from the very beginning.  He noted Kate "was always very sure of what she wanted to look like." Pryce and Ward showed the future Princess "mood boards" after they were chosen for the coveted role back in January.  Bryce said Kate picked the very hair style they expected her to.

He described her long hair as a "fantastic feature", adding: "I'm glad she didn't want to have it all down. I would have thought that personally that would be a little too relaxed especially when you're using the tiara."

A team of seven other hair stylists looked after the royal wedding bridal party including Pippa and Carole Middleton and the bridesmaids.  The Middleton family has been clients of the Richard Ward salon for more than eight years.

A Cool Calm And Collected Bride

Pryce told the media Kate had been "calm and collected" in the morning as she prepared for the wedding.  He also said "she's a very relaxed women and a great bride to work with" because of her calmness which allowed Bryce to remain calm as he did her hair for the wedding.

He noted some brides tend to be very stressed on their wedding days, but Kate was definitely not.

The hairdresser, who was assisted by famed British hairdresser Richard Ward, admitted "for me, it was just a fantastic opportunity and such an honor. It's been very emotional actually."

He added  "Really like most guys I bottled up all my emotions. For me really, just being in the abbey and seeing her come through those doors was a very touching moment and I was really sort of fighting back the tears. It was very, very special".

Regular Blow Dry For Evening Wedding Celebrations

Pryce retouched the bride's hair just before she appeared on the balcony for her famous double kiss with William and he coiffed her hair for the evening events after the wedding.  She wore her hair completely down in her usual signature hairstyle for the evening.  Pryce note "for the evening she wanted to be herself and she just wanted a regular blow dry we usually do."

He said "It was a totally surreal moment being in such amazing surroundings."

He noted, the newlweds "seemed very happy and also very relaxed around each other and excited really. You could just see they're very much in love."

Pryce said "she (Kate) was just keen to really look herself and be herself which is what is so fabulous about her."

Ironically the entire royal bridal hairstyle evolved from many practice sessions with the now famous fake tiara bridal hairstyle.  It's true what they say, practice makes perfect.

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