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TLC's Randy Fenoli Tells You How To Say Yes To A Royal Inspired Wedding Dress

TLC's Randy Fenoli Tells You How To Say Yes To A Royal Inspired Wedding Dress

TLC's Randy Fenoli's series, "Say Yes To The Dress", reveals the inner workings of the world's premier bridal salon, Kleinfeld Bridal.

Part fashion show, part bridal story, part family therapy, the series uncovers the hurdles the staff faces to make each bride completely satisfied.

In light of the recent Royal Wedding, bridal fever is at a whole new pitch.  "The Today Show" had Randy Fenoli on the show to discuss some tips with Jenna for brides selecting their dream gowns.

Listed below are some of the tips shared by Randy on The Today Show:

1.  Anyone can go for a traditional or elegant look like Princess Catherine did.  The newly married Royal provided the world with two classic bridal gown looks - a day look and a night look - for future brides to use as inspiration when they select their gowns.

2.  Randy Fenoli hopes that brides will begin to adopt Princess Catherine's bridal gown styles because the Princess wore "dresses that were classic, timeless and very much like the 1950s which was one of the best decades in fashion."

3.  Randy pointed out it's really accessible for brides to get "these dresses" like Princess Catherine wore.  He noted "they weren't too over the top, which was great."

4.  Long sleeves can be a challenge on a wedding gown.  Randy discussed the gowns  shown on two Today Show models.  The first model was wearing a $5,000 wedding gown with lace and sleeves.  Randy noted "girls come in ever single day and ask me 'Randy, do you have anything that's not strapless? because every wedding I've been to they wear strapless gowns.'"

He also explained "the problem is when you have a dress with a sleeve you really can't raise your arm very much.  So that's why a lot of girls go with strapless dresses.  But what you can do is throw on a shrug to give that look but still take it off for the reception and be able to party and dance.  Still classic but also more comfortable."

5.  It's all about proportion.  The second Today Show model was wearing a $10,800 wedding gown which had cap lace sleeves, a full skirt and a sweetheart neckline.  Randy noted this gown was much more dramatic then the first gown.  He said that the thing brides need to keep in mind is that "it's all about proportion."

Randy said "let me tell you, Kate did everything absolutely perfect" at her wedding.  From the size of her tiara to the size of her bouquet everything was perfect for her proportion, her body, her venue.  She didn't overdo anything.  Randy said that brides who are 5" tall probably would not look good in a big dramatic bridal gown.  It would "overpower you" but Kate could go with a more dramatic gown because "she's a tall woman" and it was a really big "venue" so her wedding gown was "perfect."

6.  Classic is making a comeback.  Randy said he hopes classic wedding gowns and venues are coming back because ideally "you want to look at your wedding pictures and not quite know what decade they came from.  They need to be timeless.  Absolutely."

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