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Kris Humphries Dad Tells All In New Book

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries Dad Tells All In New Book

Although Kim's mom and legal team went above and beyond to protect her financial estate and secrets, they forgot the Humphries family.

Now Kris Humpries father, William, is said to be planning to reveal the truth about Kim, the Kardashian family and the sham wedding in a new tell-all book.

Afterall, William did not sign a confidentiality agreement like his son Kris did.  William is free to spill all the secrets he has been privy to due to his relationship with his son.

Some of those rumored secrets include the following:

1.  Kim stopped having sex with Kris after the wedding.

2.  Allegations that Kim was verbally and physically abusive to Kris Humphries (as reported by Life & Style Magazine)

3.  Kim's requirement to routinely spend six hours to do hair and makeup.

4.  None of the Humphries family signed pre-nups and are free to talk.

5.  Kim did make money from the televised wedding - at least $400,000 but she didn't disclose that info to Kris.

6.  Kim never intended to stay married to Kris Humphries and planned to use him as the scapegoat for a divorce.

William Humphries told Life & Style "I'd love to write a book" about everything that really happened.  “It’s Kim’s worst nightmare,” according to the source. “The Kardashians have no control over what William says.”

Plus the Humphries family are not fans of Kim or the Kardashians — to say the least.  They want to set the record straight about what really went on and how Kris Humphries was just a pawn in the entire wedding saga.

It looks like the damage control Kim and her mother are going to do will continue on for some time to come.

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