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Beyonce Fake Bump Versus Fake Hair

Beyonce With Golden Blonde Hair

Beyoncé is never far from the spotlight.  Recently there was rumors which spread like wildfire that the superstar actually was wearing a fake bump.  Even Kathy Lee and Hoda showed a video of Beyoncé in the video where her bump appeared to collapse.  Of course Beyoncé's reps said the rumors were ridiculous and that the popular singer is definitely pregnant.

Putting aside Beyoncé's fake bump what about her fake hair?  It has been rumored that she spends upwards of $2 million dollars a year on wigs alone.  Anyone who follows Beyoncé knows that she transitions from super straight to super wavy and then curly hair in no time.  For some of her televised performances she has changed her hair as often as her costumes.

In the past InTouch magazine reported that Beyoncé has wigs made from her own hair clippings.  Since the wigs are hand made and use all or part of Beyoncé's real hair, they can cost thousands of dollars to make.  Insider reports on the custom made wigs have indicated that they look like real hair and are spectacular.

The insider told InTouch Beyoncé's wigs "are magnificent and well-made. You don’t notice them because they seem so real and are a big part of the singer’s image, which is one of perfection. She takes them with her and uses different ones depending on what she is doing . . . a concert and a party doesn’t call for the same look, and she knows that.”

Beyonce With Pale Blonde Hair Updo

Beyoncé's mother is a licensed hairstylist and used to do her daughter's hair until her travel demands required that a professional hairstylist be hired to travel with the star.  In reality Beyoncé has a team of hairstylists she works with on a regular basis.

According to hair industry insiders Beyonce's natural hair is short and extremely curly.  There is also a rumor that when she was younger Beyoncé tried to color her own hair blonde so many times that she ruined it.

Since it is a well-known fact that Beyoncé wears wigs it seems strange when she is the spokes celebrity for hair care companies.  Maybe the fact that she often wears fake hair had something to do with the rumors about her fake bump.  In the celebrity world anything's possible.

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