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Prom Dress - Jovani 2009 - Prom Hair Instructions #2

Top Knot In Bloom Hair Style

Although this updo looks complicated, it's actually very easy to do. The key to this updo hairstyle is getting the hair pulled up into a tight ponytail positioned near the middle of the head so that the petals of hair can be positioned in a petal format over the top of the head.

This hairstyle works best for hair that is shoulder length or slightly longer. Hair that is short or medium in length can re-create this hairstyle by utilizing clip-in hair extensions.

(Gown from The Jovani 2009 Prom Dress Collection - All Rights Reserved).

This updo is based on straight tresses but naturally curly or wavy hair can wear this style by temporarily straightening their tresses.

How To Create The Top Knot In Bloom Updo

1. Shampoo hair with products appropriate for your hair type, texture, length and condition.

Note: Keep in mind that hair must have enough grip to stay pulled up on top of the head. Therefore hair should not be overly soft or slippery or else it will not hold as well.

2. Rinse shampoo well. Apply rinse-out conditioner when appropriate. Keep in mind that hair should not be overly soft.

3. Perform final rinse with cool/cold water. Although hairdressers may disagree on this step, it my experience it helps to close the cuticle and add natural shine.

4. Towel blot hair to remove excess moisture. This step is important to accomplish before adding products.

(Gown from The Jovani 2009 Prom Dress Collection - All Rights Reserved).

5. Apply cocktail of leave-in conditioner and/or desired styling products such as a straightening gel, balms, mousses and related products.

6. Blow dry hair straight using a paddle brush and a blow dryer with a concentrator.

7. Once hair is 100% dry apply a good styling spray or hairspray to your fingers and rake through your hair.

8. Using a boar's bristle brush and your fingers direct hair into a ponytail with the base centered in the middle of your head.

9. Secure the base of the pony with a Blax or Bungee in the same color as your hair. Separate one strand from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the pony to cover.

10. Using a boar bristle brush tease or backcomb all of the hair in the pony until you have the desired form and fullness.

11. Curve the ends of the pony under and pin with bobby pins in the same color as your hair. Pin the bun in a full circle around the top of your head to create the bun shape.

(Gown from The Jovani 2009 Prom Dress Collection - All Rights Reserved).

12. When finished pinning, use fingers to gently shape the bun. It's your option to make the finished fun as full or sleek as you desire. The key to getting a high bun is in the amount of back combing you do to the hair.

13. Spray well with firm hold hair spray. Allow spray to completely dry. If the bun needs more hold you may wish to take a purse sized bottle of hairspray with you in your Prom bag.

14. If desired attached a beautiful jeweled clip along one side or a beautiful silk flower.

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