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Glee Prom Spoiler Scandal

Loose lips pretty much always sink ships.  Right now there's a big fan uproar over Glee's Prom leaks from a former Glee extra.

Nicole Crowther, 21, recently used Twitter as her platform to leak possible Glee prom episode secrets.

In the process she potentially spoiled the episode for Gleeks everywhere and enraged executive producer Brad Falchuck to the point that he publicly called her out.

(Image from Glee's Prom Episode set to air in early May, 2011 - Fox/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Although my own high school prom held in the auditorium at Bishop Du Bourg High School in South St. Louis (where I was known as Karen Marie O'Connor) didn't have a prom queen and king, I was also the victim of some loose lips.

One of friends shared a big secret about a guy I had been dreaming of going to Prom with for all of senior year.  She told me he was going to ask me to Prom, but then he didn't and I was heartbroken when I found out he was taking someone else.

Luckily for me, another guy that I really liked asked me to Prom instead. We went and had a fabulous time.  Because our senior class had hundreds of students I managed to go the entire evening without even bumping into the guy who didn't ask me.

Ironically a few months after graduation I ran into him at a party and he told me he had always planned to ask me to prom, but when he found out someone had spilled the beans to me and ruined the surprise he changed his mind and asked someone else from a different school.  I was stunned and heartbroken all over again.

While Nicole Crowther most likely had no malice in her heart when she spilled potential Glee Prom secrets it did undermine all the hard work that the Glee writers, producers and cast members put into the scene.  The word on the street is that the Glee cast works killer hours to practice their various numbers as well as shoot the episodes.  How disappointing to do all that work only to know that the plot with any secrets if revealed.

Even though Crowther got her information from a Glee show extra, the fact she actually had worked on the show in the past made it seem even more heinous in the eyes of the Gleeks who were upset by the spoiler leaks.

Not only were Glee's producers, directors and writers rightfully upset about the Prom episode leaks, many in the cast were also rumored to be upset because the Prom episode took several very long days to shoot and lots of work went into it.

The consequences for Crowther is that she was suspended for some weeks from the agency she's working for as an actress and was told she was blackballed all over town.  It's unlikely she will ever work on the Glee set ever again, not to mention losing the trust of any of her friends on the set.

Glee fans who caught wind of her spoiler tweets were upset and executive producer Falchuk tweeted to her "hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment".

Will Glee re-shoot the Prom episode for a different ending?  Although no one is leaking anything at present, it appears that the original episode with a Prom King and Queen being elected will still appear.  In previous episodes of Glee Quinn let it be known that she definitely wanted to be Prom Queen and felt her best chance at winning was to be with Finn since he was the football star and she was the hot cheerleader.

Of course anyone who is a true Gleek knows that nothing is ever what it seems on Glee and so just plan on expecting the unexpected.  Falchuk, Murphy and the rest of the producers, directors and writers do an amazing job week after week and my only hope is that while the Glee Prom spoiler scandal was not a great thing to deal with, hopefully it will send ratings through the roof and Falchuk and company will score the highest ratings ever.

Personally I don't care who wins Prom.  I just can't wait to see the Glee Prom episode with the hair, make-up and gowns.  I am just dying to see what Glee girls will wear what.  I know the entire episode will be fabulous from start to finish.

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