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Ashley Greene On Twitter Shares Tips On Prom, Twilight And More For

Twilight star Ashley Greene was on a TwitterView today to answer Prom and related questions from fans and friends of  Ashley is the celebrity spokesperson for the organization.  This is her third year with the group with works to provide prom dresses to those in need.

Ashley shared some personal insights including the part of the Twilight books and movies she liked best and hinted at her own struggles with low self esteem.

Listed below are the questions posed to the lovely Ashley on and her answers on @AshleyMGreene:

First question -  "What kind of dress did you wear to your prom? Please describe!"

AshleyGreene: said "I wore a fitted, floor length tan dress that was beaded. I knew it was the perfect dress the second I saw it!"

Second question -  "Which part of the Twilight books and movies do you like most and why?"

AshleyGreene:"I like the part where Alice is planning the wedding with Bella. I love to plan parties and I collaborated on my dress!"

Third question -  "What's your best makeup tip for prom—and do you have any products to recommend?"

AshleyGreene:"Don't wear too much - you should still look like you! Try mark's lip stains - they'll last all night and it's not too heavy."

Fourth question - "Who has been your greatest inspiration in life?"

AshleyGreene: "Probably my mom because she always made me feel loved and beautiful no matter what :)"

Fifth question - "Do you identify with the Alice’s character in Twilight? If so, why?"

AshleyGreene: "Definitely. The biggest reason is the intense love she has for her family and the second is her love of all things fashion."

Sixth question - "Tell us—who is your favorite female/male musician and why?"

AshleyGreene:  "I grew up loving Incubus and Counting Crows and I still have them on my ipod playlist!"

Seventh question - "What advice do you have for girls with low self-esteem? How can you feel more positive a/b yourself?"

AshleyGreene:  "Write down what you love about yourself and surround yourself with people who love u for who u are. I've been there too :)"

Eighth question - "We're psyched you're the spokesperson for DonateMyDress—where can girls donate their dresses after prom?"

AshleyGreene:  "Visit to find a chapter in your area!!"

Last Question From @donatemydress - "If you're a girl who's done a prom dress drive in your own town, how can you share the news?"

AshleyGreene:  "If you did something amazing to help girls go to prom, enter @seventeenmag’s Pretty Amazing contest!

Be sure to visit to find out more about how you can donate your Prom Dresses for girls in need and visit SeventeenMag to enter their contest.

More About is the first national network of dress drive organizations that collect and distribute prom dresses to girls in need.

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