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Ashley Greene Unnerved By All Crying Twilight Fans

Ellen introduced Twilight New Moon's Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen by showing a clip from the latest Twilight film.  She also said that Ashley "stars in one of the most popular movies in history."

(Image of Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen in Twilight New Moon - All Rights Reserved)

Ashley entered the stage in a very short mustard yellow bandage dress with a chocolate brown jacket and matching heels.  Her chocolate brown hair was straight and sleek and cascaded below her shoulder from an uneven side part.

Ellen started by saying hello to Ashley and then "congratulations, the movie is now up to, $200 and...., is that right, $230 million?"  Ashley said "$230 is the last I heard, yeah."  Ellen said "just here, just in the United States."

Ashley Green "it's kind of madness...right?"  Ellen "yeah, so you get a big portion of that right?"  Ashley laughed and said "we're working on it."  Ellen laughed "yeah, you should be working on it."  The talk show hostess asked "so is it crazy at those premieres?  Just the screaming must get.  It's numbing, right?"

Getting Used To The Screaming Isn't As Bad As The Crying

Ashley said "yeah, yeah, lots and lots of screaming.  You know the thing is, the screaming, I guess you can't get used to it, but the crying.  It's always the thing that does it for me because these people are crying and you're like 'I don't know you and I don't know what's wrong, but please don't cry.' And you feel bad and they, these people."

(Image of Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen in Twilight New Moon - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen "how old are they, that they're crying?"  Ashley "all ages."  Ellen "really, adults are crying?"  Ashley "sometimes.  Usually that's for the guys, my crying chops off at 18."

Ashley Received Marriage Proposals

Ellen "I heard you got marriage proposals?"  Ashley "yeah, how about that?  I've gotten a couple of marriage proposals.  I've actually gotten one from someone's wife. Which was a little different?"  Ellen "to marry her or her husband?"

Ashley "her husband"  Ellen "she wanted you to marry her husband?"  Ashley explained "yeah and she said, 'my husband couldn't be here so he wanted to propose to you.'  And I'm like "you're trying to get rid of your husband, aren't you?"

Ellen "exactly.  She's unloading him on you."  Ashley laughed "damaged goods.  Yeah."

Ellen "smart, smart woman.  That's the way you do it."

Ashley "she did it twice, actually."  Ellen "she acts like it's a gift, but it's not she's unloading him."  Ashley agreed "I'm supposed to be flattered."

Ellen "and like you're going to say OK.  Like you're going to marry this guy.  Did you get a picture of this guy?"

Ashley "no, not even.  It was just kinda of a good faith agreement."

The Actress Is Originally From Jacksonville, Florida

Ellen asked Ashley "where are you from originally?" Ashley "I'm from Jacksonville, Florida originally.  Yeah!  Someone's from there."

Ellen "and what made you come out here?  Acting?"

Ashley "yeah when I hit about 15 I decided I wanted to be an actor which for my parents kinda sucked. Because all through high school, I convinced them to let me leave the private school I was at to go to a public school because it had a law and psychology program and then I decided I wanted to be an actor.  Any whole life had been like 'you can do anything you want to do, you can be anything you want to be' and I was like 'I want to be an actress' and they're like "ohhh that's nice.  That's great."

Ellen "and they couldn't take it back because they told you that you could be anything you wanted to be." She continued "is this on the stands now?  You're on the cover of Maxim Magazine.  Is this right now?"Ashley "yeah, it's right now."

The talk show hostess said "congratulations to that.  I don't know if you know this or not, but I actually helped Oprah out."   Then Ellen showed off the O Magazine where she is on the cover.  She told her audience it would only be on the stands 12 more days and they were very close to making it a record seller.  Ellen asked everyone to help her out by buying more of the O Magazines so they could break the record.

Ashley said to Ellen "congratulations to you."

Ellen told Ashley "if you'd like, the next time you are on Maxim, I printed up a cover if the two of us were on the cover of Maxim together."

Ellen showed the cameras a mock up of what it would look like if both of them (Ellen and Ashley) were on the cover together.  She showed Ashley a Maxim with Ellen and Ashley together on the cover.

Ellen's audience went crazy.

Ashley asked Ellen while looking at the audience "you think they would buy it?"  Ellen said "of course they would buy it.  Yes, I could make Maxim the biggest selling issue.  Yes it's my goal, I'd like to do it.  Congratulations on all your success.  It's fantastic.  Happy to have you here."

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