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Amanda Seyfried's Pregnancy

Amanda Seyfriend's (pronounced "See-Freed) acting career is exploding, but in a really great way.

(Image of Amanda Seyfriend at HBO's Big Love 3rd Season Premiere - - All Rights Reserved).

The beautiful actress with long blonde golden strands has a dramatic new storyline on HBO's Big Love where she plays Sarah Henrickson, the oldest daughter of a Mormon family, the Henricksons, practicing polygamy.  The husband played by Bill Paxton has three wives and is dating his potential fourth.

Amanda has been fantastic playing the role of good daughter Sarah for the past two seasons.  In her role as the oldest female child, she is very upset by the polygamy of her family and the multiple wives of her father.  Amanda has been amazing at communicating her disgust for her father, anger at her mother and rebelliousness at her lifestyle.

Losing Her Virginity

While seeking help in dealing with her angst over her family's lifestyle Sarah joins a support group for ex-Fundamentalist Mormans leading her to get involved with a man who is ten years older.

(Image of Bill Paxton and Amanda at HBO Big Love Premiere - Season Three - - all rights reserved).

Although still a virgin, since she has not married and this is required by her Mormon religion, Sarah defies her father and her religious upbringings and sleeps with her new boyfriend.  If her father knew, he was would be devastated but Sarah has disdain for him and his lifestyle.

Sarah Goes To Her Prom

Although Sarah had previously shown no interest in going to her high school prom she has a sudden change of heart after she apparently discovers her shocking pregnancy.  She convinces her best friend Heather, her brother Ben and uncle Franky (younger than her) to go with her.

When Sarah tells her mom, Barb, she's decided to go, her mother is thrilled, though surprised, at her daughter's change of attitude.

The reaslity is that Sarah sees the Prom as her last change to be a carefree normal teenager before she deals with her recently discovered pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Will Shake Henrickson Family To Core

In the most recent episode Sarah (Amanda) goes to the prom.  After the prom Amanda while hanging out and waiting for the sun to come up, Sarah confessed to her brother that she's pregnant by her non-traditionalist boyfriend.  Ironically Sarah broke up with the father of her baby the previous week leaving her completely alone with a horrible fate.

Needless to say, if you have been watching the past two seasons of Big Love the unplanned pregnancy of Sarah played so well by Amanda Seyfried will shake the Henrickson family to their very core.

Amanda Seyfriend's new storyline as the pregnant daughter of a strict Mormon family is a fantastic opportunity for the beautiful actress to shine.

Success Daughter Roles

Amanda's career took off when she played Meryl Streep's daughter in the hit musical Mama Mia in 2008.  Although the Big Love daughter had a plum part in Mama Mia, the film was definitely Meryl's who was fantastic as the woman with three former lovers.

Women Of No Importance

It was recently announced that the stunning actress will again play a famous daughter.  Amanda beat out several other actresses for a plum role starring  opposite Annette Bening in the Myriad Pictures comedy, 'Women Of No Importance'.

In the film Amanda will play  a young woman who falls victim to the mischievous games of a group of upper-crust members of British society.  "A Woman of No Importance," the Oscar Wilde adaptation that Bruce Beresford is directing.

Amanda's upcoming films include the romantic drama "Dear John" and the Diablo Cody-penned horror comedy "Jennifer's Body."

Expect Amanda Seyfriend to continue to nab incredible acting roles with award winning potential.

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