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Brighten Up Dull Winter Hair Colors


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As Fall transitions into the deep of Winter hair colors - both natural and enhanced - tend to start looking dull, drab or even discolored. Hair colors may also lose their shimmer and shine.

There are several reasons why hair colors lose their pizzazz into Winter.

The most common causes of drab hair color include, but aren't limited to:

1. Minerals deposits from water can coat tresses making them look dull or drab.

Too much iron from old pipes can turn hair orange or rust colored. Some tap waters systems have high levels of chlorine or copper which can make hair turn green.

Taylor Swift

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Hair which is bleached or overly porous will soak up minerals easily and will tend to take on colors or even look dirty.

2. Regular use of at-home semi or permanent hair colors.

Although semi and permanent hair colors do a great job of providing color coverage, the colors are deposit only colors. Over time the color pigment will continue to deposit color on top of color with no lifting of pre-existing color.

This progressive depositing effect can eventually make hair (especially the most porous sections) look darker in color. It may even produce an opaque color effect.

How To Brighten Up Dull Winter Hair Colors

To freshen up dull or drab hair color without taking drastic steps consider opting for the hot Ombré trend.

Have bright, abstract, bursts of strategic color painted along a series of well-placed strands which defuse up towards the base of the hair shaft.

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Adopting the Ombré trend will offer the option to brighten up the strands without doing anything drastic. This trend will work just as effectively on any hair color - blond, brunette or redhead.

The Ombré trend became popular in the Fall of 2009 and continues to be wildly popular throughout the various hair color seasons.

Taylor Swift, Megan Fox and Fergie are some of the most famous poster girls for showcasing brilliant highlights and lowlights with highlights through the ends and defused towards the base before reaching the scalp.

Not only do the abstract bursts of color create fresh new shine, shimmer, brightness and light, they also create great texture. They can be created all over the head or randomly placed.

Brighten Hues With Just One Tonal Change

When the Ombré or baylage burst of color option is not appropriate, dull hair color can still be brightened with tonal adjustments.

Amp up your hair by going one shade darker. Light or medium blondes, brunettes or redheads with warm skin tones can go with rich, copper hued blondes, browns or redhead hues.

Scarlett Johannson

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Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Simpson and Julianne Moore have demonstrated the stunning results of going slighter darker utilizing a hues with a copper base.

Brighten Hues With Progressive Color

To brighten hair which is dull or drab due to progressive color depositing issues work with a color professional who can utilize a variety of safe techniques to provide gentle lift to the hair adding brightness and lightness.

Matrix SOCOLOR is one color line which can lift, lighten, enhance or tone. Other professional color lines offer the same options.

Correct Dull Drab Hues Due To Mineral Deposits

When hair is dull or drab due to mineral deposit build-up from chemicals or old pipes utilize a professional quality clarifying formulation.


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Two excellent professional chelating formulas are Joico K-Pak Chelating Shampoo and Kenra Clarifying Shampoo.

Joico is great for damaged and over-processed hair. It has a reputation for removing mineral deposits like iron, copper or chlorine from the hair. Joico's formula is creamy and won't dry out the strands.

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo is a chelating formula which will brighten blond and silver hair.

It also helps to remove product build-up like wax and silicone, which can weigh down hairstyles and affect shine.


There are a range of DIY tips for instantly lightening and brightening dull, drab hair color with the Winter blahs.

Although there are some tips you can easily do yourself, sometimes a professional hair colorist is the best bet.

- Revised Date: 01/03/12

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