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Hairstyles For Winter

Long Luscious Braid

Hairstyles For Winter

It's a known fact that winter weather wreaks havoc on our tresses.  Use your hairstyle as a natural barrier.

Hairstyles for winter should be designed to offset the cold dry air which strips moisture away from the scalp and the hair shaft, resulting in intense drying and breakage.  If you cover your head with winter hats, scarves or similar you may add to the winter hair dryness factor.

Hairstyles Which Protect The Hair

The key to the very best hairstyles for winter are those which protect the hair.  Great hairstyles for winter include styles which keep the hair out of brutal winter wind and freezing cold.

If your hair is medium to long wear your hair wrapped into protective twists, buns or chignons.  Braids and ponytails which can be worn close to the head are also great choices.

Hairstyles which are styled to minimize winter weather contact work best when covered with loose fitting head coverings such as loose berets, caps or soft hats.  Select items which snuggle around the head but don't rub against the hair causing friction or static.

Leonar Greyl's (LG) Creme Aux Fleurs

When hair is short follow the same head covering advice and keep hair out of the wind whenever possible.

We know what you're going through and that's why the LG team has taken such pains to find the very best natural ingredients to save your hair during these dark days.

When not out in the winter weather follow the steps below to keep hair hydrated and protected:

Step 1: Repair Any Winter Related Damage

Start by cleansing with a product like Leonar Greyl's (LG) Creme Aux Fleurs designed to provide super deep treatment.  It's ideal for very dry, color-treated and/or frizzy hair and scalps prone to sensitivity

You may prefer to go with a Diluted Shampoo (DS) formulation of 1/4 teaspoon shampoo to 1 quart of warm water shaken to create a foam.  Or you may wish to use Creme Aux Fleurs full strength.  Leonar Greyl's (LG) Creme Aux Fleurs helps hair to regain softness, strength and vitality drained by cold, dry air.

If you prefer opt for a Condition Only Wash or a combo wash with Leonar Greyl's (LG) Creme Aux Fleurs shampoo applied to the roots with rinse out conditioner applied from the ears down to the ends.

Winter Hairstyle Hat Wear

Step 2: Moisturize

Set up a schedule of weekly or bi-weekly moisturizing treatments with LG's award-winning Masque Quintessence.  This amazing Cupuacu and Manketti oil infused mask will restore much needed hydration.  All you need is a tiny amount.  Allow it to soak into wet strands for up to 30 minutes.  It will be like infusing your dry parched strands with water.

Step 3: Protect

Before braving the winter winds apply LG Eclat Naturel.  It's a super nourishing styling cream which protects hair from future damage while keeping dry hair fly-aways at bay. 


Other tips for having a fabulous hairstyle for winter includes keeping damaged ends trimmed off and minimizing use of chemicals which can add to the dryness factor.  Whenever possible minimize use of hot styling tools which can strip moisture from delicate strands.

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