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Ariel Winter Naturally Brunette Long Hair

Introduction -  Ariel Winter Naturally Brunette Long Hair

Ariel Winter With Straight Hair Ariel Winter With Straight Hair

Ariel Winter (Workman) was born January 28, 1998 in Los Angeles, California.

Although Ariel had a recurring role on TV's ER and has appeared in other guest roles as well as movies, she's best known as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family.

Both off and on camera Ariel Winter is known for her naturally brunette long hair.

Alex's Hair Transitions

Fans have watched Ariel and her character grow up over the past four years on the popular ABC series.  As Alex, she's the annoyingly brilliant middle child who is more nerd than fashionista.

She's also incredibly adorable as she challenges her less than brainy siblings and father.

Her primary hairstyle on Modern Family perfectly reflects her character's interest in good grades and related intellectual pursuits.

Sometimes Alex can be spotted wearing skinny headbands to anchor her hair off her face.  Her character's choice of hair accessories are characteristically low key and definitely more functional than decorative.

During the past season the youngest Dunphy daughter received her first kiss at a dude ranch in Wyoming.  She's starting to take an noticeable  interest in make-up and hair as guys are definitely crushing on her.

Ariel Winter With  Hair Texture Ariel Winter With
Hair Texture

Although her character is not likely to show up with vibrantly hued hair colors, there's be a definitely change in her hair.   Her hair, especially for more formal Dunphy outings was sleeker, shinier and more finished.

Ariel's Red Carpet Hairstyles

Not only is Alex growing up fast, Ariel has been wowing the media with some of her recent Red Carpet events.

In January of 2013 she looked spectacular with her long lush chocolate brunette tresses styled in loose beachy waves and soft curls.

Cascading from a deep side part, her hair framed her stunning face with an eye covering side-swept fringe which merged into lush loops.

Picture perfect highlights and low lights transformed her traditional brunette hue into a rich explosion of golden caramels, toffee and splashes of honey.  Ariel was turning into a hair goddess right in front of the eyes of the world.

The combination of the brunette shades played well with her skin and eye tones.  Ariel is a beauty and is just now coming into her own.

 Ariel Winter Hair Makeovers

Ariel Winter With Cinnamon Red Hair Ariel Winter With Cinnamon Red Hair

Although Ariel showcased gorgeous wave infused brunette tresses in early 2013, by May of 2013 the sassy beauty shocked fans by appearing with a rich cinnamon red hue.

Ariel also appeared to have a few inches trimmed off the ends and wore her hair bone straight.

Although the cinnamon red hues added lots of shine to her tresses, her previous caramel infused chocolate brunettes seemed more flattering to her skin and eye tones.

The deep part with side swept fringe also balanced her square/heart shaped face.

Since Ariel is obviously in the mood to experiment with her hair, it's not surprising she also recently broadcast photos of her hair on Instagram in a new shade  of golden blonde.

It makes sense Ariel would be interested in trying on a lot of different hair hues, lengths, textures and styles to find the one she enjoys best.

Obviously the actress will return to her more button-down brunette hairstyle when she resumes her role as Alex on Modern Family in the Fall.

Ariel Winter Grows Up On Modern Family Ariel Winter Grows Up On Modern Family

Summary - Ariel Winter Naturally Brunette Long Hair

When she’s not working and trying on a wide range of hair styles, textures, lengths and hues, the Los Angeles native is an avid singer.

Ariel is currently working on her first solo album.

The actress has also cultivated an interest in building awareness of our environment.

She's involved in such charities, organizations and campaigns as the Creative Coalition, Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign, and WWE’s anti-bullying campaign, Be a Star.

It'll be interesting to see how Ariel and Alex Dunphy's naturally brunette long hair changes over the next season of Modern Family as the beautiful actress continues on her life journeys.

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