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Naturally Curly Celeb Adrienne Bailon Has Curl Emergency

Formed Cheetah Girls Adrienne Bailon has been out about her naturally curly hair which she describes as "two inches off my head".  Indeed, in the earlier days of her singing career with the Cheetahs the 25 year old singer was born in New York City to a Puerto-Rican mother and an Ecuadorian father.

Her hair which she has discussed in the media as being very curly has changed dramatically over the past few years as her career has skyrocked.  In 2007 she began dating Rob Kardashian and as a result she was seen regularly on the E! reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Whether it's the evolution of her career from part of a group to an individual performer or the influence of the LA fashion family - The Kardashians - Adrienne has gone much darker recently transitioning from a heavily highlighted dark blonde base to an almost raven black, which is the hair color of the Kim and the other Kardashian sisters.

She has also gone with stick straight long hair extensions which she sometimes wears with skinny headband a few inches back from the hairline. 

Recently in preparation for the 2009 Grammies Adrienne had a naturally curly hair emergency.   For all the pre-Grammy awards she was wearing her hair "completely bone-bone straight" and she was at the De Luxe club.

She explained Club De Luxe has "nothing but fireplaces insides and you are literally in a sauna in there".

As a result of all that moisture in the club's air from the fireplaces her natural curls started to reappear from her bone bone straight tresses.  She reported "my curls were creeping up on me".

Adrienne was upset because photos were being taken of her at the club while the moisture was doing a number on her natural curls.  She told the media that she looked "hideous" and she was "dying" when she saw the photos of her natural curls as a result of being all sweaty and in the fireplace created sauna.

Adrienne recently announced that the Cheetah Girls are finished and we always "knew the tour would be the last tour" referring to the last time they went out on the road.  Adrienne who worked with Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan mentioned that all three girls are launching their own solor careers but the girls are all "super close".

She noted that when it comes to Disney there is always an end to any given franchise or show.  She said she will always remember the major theme of the group which was "girl empowerment".

(Image of Adrienne Bailon and Robert Kardashian Jr.  A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival - 06-08-08 - All Rights Reserved).

So what about her natural curls?  Is Adrienne into natural curl empowerment?

Only time will tell as the up and coming singer/MTV hostess and famous girlfriend's career ignites.

Will she remember to honor her natural curls and wear them long and luscious or will she continue her current trend to wear her hair bone-bone straight with hair extensions and Raven black hues?

I personally believe everyone should wear their hair exactly in the way that makes them feel great.  If that's naturally curly or stick straight, then that is what they should do.  However, some hard core natural curl experts believe people with natural curls should promote their texture when possible.

Only time will tell.  In the meantime, what do you think?  Will Adrienne eventually abandon her natural curls for sleek straight strands or will she become a naturally curly girl icon for MTV?

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