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Transition Into Spring With Great New Hair Color And Styles

It may not seem like Spring is only five weeks away, especially if you live in the Midwest or East Coast where Winter storms are raging.  As warmer temperatures and sunny skies approach, we'll all be craving a fresh new hair look.  Maybe even an updated hair color!

Below are some tips from Pam Kelly, the Senior Director/National Technical Education for Fantastic Sams® Hair Salons to help guide you through the process of deciding what hair color and/or styles might be best based on the latest trends in Spring hair color and care.

Find The Right Shade – The first thing you need to do is make sure the color matches your skin tone. Chestnut brown, blonde and copper shades compliment warm undertone complexions. Burgundy, cinnamon, and mahogany work best for those with cooler complexions. Platinum blondes will be very popular this spring and summer but if your complexion doesn’t allow for the white blonde shades, try a shade in beige or light golden tones that will brighten up the face.

Global Color - If you have a pixie cut, then all over color is for you. Since you don’t want to clash with your clothes, try colors that are somewhat neutral, like chocolate and mocha browns which will be very popular this spring. Or try a glazing treatment that will add incredible shine to your new pixie cut. Style with a molding crème, such as fantasticstyle® pomade which brings texture to dry hair and adds shine.

Go Streaking - If you’re afraid of an all over hair color commitment, try adding a few color streaks to your tresses. Since you’re only doing a few streaks, you can chose bold colors and hues likes pinks, blues and purples. Just remember that less is more when choosing bold colors and make certain that the streaks are placed in areas to accentuate the cut.

Multi-Tonal Dimensions - Whatever your color base, this spring is all about highlights, lowlights and multi-dimension looks. If you have a red base, try adding some light golden highlights to frame your face.

Brunettes can go either way, by adding light highlight shades like gold and caramel, or darker tints like burgundy or auburn. If you’re daring enough, you might even try adding a bright color, like pink!

Blondes will continue to be a popular color this spring, but if you’re a natural blonde try spicing it up by adding some lowlights to add dimension and interest to your look.

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