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Khloe Kardashian Ombre Hair How To

Khloe Kardashian Ombre Hair How To

Khloe Kardashian With Ombre Hair

The youngest Kardashian sister, Khloe, showcased her latest Ombre hair hue on Ellen's show where she was greeted with screaming and huge applause.  Khloe told Ellen "you have such a nice audience."  Then she quipped "I paid them all to be here."

Khloe was wearing a vibrant tangerine jacket which is one of Spring 2012's hottest colors.  Her trademark long brunette hair which is often Ombre enhanced, worked well against the orange of the jacket.   In fact, the orange jacket played off against her lighter ends and making them pop.

She wore a white tee underneath with a white open shirt as a bridge against the tangerine top jacket. Her black pants had a matching tangerine strip.

Khloe was on Ellen to discuss being on the cover of Cosmopolitan, her recent move back to California from Dallas and her new arrangement to act as a spokeswoman for Sears in their anti-bullying campaign.  She also discussed the new bedroom collection being launched by the Kardashian sisters and presented the audience with special gift certificates.

For her appearance on Ellen the youngest Kardashian sister ( June 27, 1984) wore her hair with a soft off-center part with lots of volume around the side and the top and loose cascading waves.  Her hair falls about halfway down her back.

Khloe Kardashian Ombre Wave Infused Hair

The base color appears to be a milk chocolate brunette which is seen from the roots to below the chin.  At the chin line her hair gets progressively lighter and more auburn in color which is part of her trademark Ombre.  There is no obvious line of color transition, but a soft and gentle transition.

Khloe's hair color is created with balayage, a free form hair coloring technique.

How To

Can you do Ombre hair at home?   Anything is possible, but if you want the fabulous natural looking Ombre hair color Khloe wears, probably not.  Well not unless you're a professional hair colorist who does your own hair color or you have a hair colorist in the family who does it for you.

However, if you want to try a DIY Ombre hair color, you might start by carefully lightening the ends just 1 subtle shade lighter.  Keep in mind that the key with Ombre is a gentle seamless transition of colors.  The goal is to give the appearance of natural coloring.  Avoid using bleach since it may damage your hair.

Consider the following DIY Ombre steps:

1. Select a permanent hair color which is the closest hue to your natural base color.  Follow the kit's coloring instructions.  Apply the color from the roots, down to the middle length of your hair.  When in doubt you can measure you hair from the roots to the ends with a tape measure to help you decide where to stop with the first color.

2.  From the middle of the hair down to the ends use a hair coloring brush and apply a lighter color up from the ends of your hair to the middle slowly blending into the permanent color. Do it by sections to get that graduated effect.

Khloe Kardashian With Sisters And Mom

Kardashian Sisters All Wear Hair Extension

Another instant Ombre option is to do what Khloe does and have hair extensions applied which are pre-colored to create the duel tone appearance.

Khloe and all the Kardashian sisters wear fusion style hair extensions which are pre-colored to match their desired hair color.

Khloe's hair along the roots and top are also colored and highlighted to pick up the colors throughout the middle and ends provided by the fusion hair.

One last option is to play with temporary clip-in extensions in different Ombre style hues to see if you enjoy the look.  If you do, you can either visit your professional hair colorist or start slowly working on lightening your own ends and middle.

Regardless of what direction you go with creating your Ombre color, always keep the ends properly trimmed.  There's nothing worse then having beautiful hair color, but long straggly split ends.


Ombre can look great on anyone as long as you remember to always select hair color shades which work best with your skin and eye tone.  Ombre hair color works best on hair which is shoulder length or longer or else you look just like your roots are growing out.

Remember that the definition of Ombre is graduated color from dark to light.  If not done properly Ombre looks like a case of very bad roots.  When done properly like Khloe's color, it can look totally cool, chic and current, regardless whether it is extensions or your own natural hair.

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