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Amanda Seyfried's Long Blonde Wavy Hair - Big Love Premiere

Actress Amanda Seyfriend is blonde, beautiful and has gorgeous long hair she wears in a variety of hairstyles ranging from stick straight to up in soft buns to down in lush waves.

(Image of Amanda Seyfried - 3rd Season Premiere of 'Big Love' - 01-14-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

The co-star of the hit movie - Mama Mia - the actress is also a popular co-star on HBO's Big Love which is returning for a new season.  I for one can't wait and totally love Amanda in the role she plays.

On the Big Love Red Carpet Amanda had well defined waves that were slightly differert from the thick but slightly diffused waves Amanda wore in Mama Mia.

Of course Mama Mia was shot outsite on an island surrounded by the ocean which tends to create big beachy waves.

Steal Amanda's Big Love Waves

1.  Wash hair with appropriate shampoo for hair type, texture and condition.  Use color maintenance products for color treated hair and when appropriate, do a Diluted Cleanse or a Conditioning Only cleanse.

2.  Rinse shampoo well and apply rinse-out conditioner.  To amp up color and make it pop, add a few drops of Ken Paves Healthy Hair Color Drops in your favorite color to your rinse-out conditioner.  Allow to soak into hair for up to five minutes.  Finish with a cool/cold water rinse.

3.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture.  Apply cocktail of leave-in conditioner, defrisant and/or styling cream.  Gel is not recommended for Amanda's style of waves because it will leave hair too crunchy.

4.  Use a long finger diffuser attachment with blow dryer and allow hair to lay in bottom of the diffuser basin.  Allow hair to completely dry.  By using the diffuser you will be encouraging the wave formation.

5.  When hair is 100% dry if you wish for more waves, use a medium sized curling iron and separate hair into 2" sections.  Wrap hair around the outside of the curling iron barrel for 30 - 60 seconds and do not use the clip since it can leave wedges.

6.  After curling each section, roll loosely around finger in a very soft ringlet and then pin to the scalp to cool.  Spray with a soft hold hairspray.

7.  When the entire head is curled, pinned to scalp, sprayed and completely cool, remove pins.

8.  Use fingers to gently deconstruct ringlets into curls.  Do not brush or comb since this will cause frizz. As an optional last step you can apply a few drops of shine serum or hairspray for added shimmer.

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