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Twilight's Robert Pattison Talks Love With Amanda Seyfreid

At the recent 2009 Academy Awards Robert Pattison from Twilight and Amanda Seyfried from Mama Mia co-presented a montage of Romance 2008 clips.

Robert looked very hot in a tuxedo with his hair short along the sides and slightly spiked through the top and crown areas.  His former buzz cut is growing out very nicely.  He had the slightest hint of face fuzz with promise of a beard?

Amanda's Hair - Young Veronica Lake

Amanda's hair was literally eye popping.  Her hair was worn long in super sleek panels of shimmering blonde tresses had soft loops intertwined throughout her entire head.  Her shimmering blonde tresses were cascading off a deep side part with one very sleek panel sweeping over her right eye.

Amanda looked like a very young and gorgeous Veronica Lake.  She was wearing a burnt orange satin gown with thin straps and a bow along the waist.

The Mama Mia co-star had on a beautiful necklace which was partially hidden by her long lush hair.

Introducing Love In The Movies For 2008

Amanda started the segment by saying, "boy meets girl, boy falls for other girl, boy realizes perhaps to late that he was supposed to be with the first girl all along."

Robert then said "the plot could be borrowed from any one of a number of award winning movies but it is from Wings, the very movie to win Best Picture in 1927."  Amanda said "even before they made talkies movies were obsessed with the compications of love."

Robert said "what it (love) is, how to get it, how to keep it and what to do when it all goes terribly, terribly wrong"   Amanda said "and now over 80 years later relationships have really only gotten more complicated."

Robert Becoming A Vampire To Find The Right Woman

Robert said "I had to become a Vampire to find the righ women."  Amanda, replied, "I had three,"

The Twilight Star also said "the movies continue to be obsessed (with love). Figuring out love never goes out of style."  Amanda said "here is what romance looked like in 2008.

Romance Clips Played

Many clips were played of some of the best movies with short love scenes including scenes from Milk, Mama Mia, Benjamin Button, The Wrestler to name a few of the many films showcased.  Many of the best kissing scenes from 2008 were also showcased.

After the clips were finished Robert Pattison and Amanda were no longer on the stage.  Pity, Robert and Amanda looked spectacular.

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