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Natural, Soft, Wavy Hair Style For The Summer


While the wonderful rays of Father Sun may warm your bones, it can also do a deep fry on unprotected hair.

Even worse, search and destroy pool chemicals or ocean salt can vaporize all those wonderful natural oils you've spent all year balancing and building into your soft, undamaged mane.

Hair icon Robert Hallowell shared his summer hair secrets for surviving sun and surf with great strands.

Unless you plan on a major buzz cut at summer’s end, resist the urge to “do naked hair” or dive into pools with your locks flowing freely and follow the following Safe Summer Hair Rules:

1. Ask Your Hairdresser For A Fabulous Cut Which Accentuates Your Natural Wave Patterns

Guarantee gorgeous summer hair waves by kicking off the season with a visit to your favorite hairdresser for a fun, fabulous cut.

2. Adopt Sun Safe Hair Care

Hanging out in the sun without special tress and scalp protection is a big no-no. Avoid maximum ray damage by minimizing bare head exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun's rays are the strongest.

Shun open air vehicles or convertibles which can transform delicate tresses into instant straw. Go high fashion by popping on the latest headwear from newsboy caps to floppy hair favored by celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Sienna Miller.

3. Select Beautiful Breezy Summer Hair Styles

Enjoy the fun and freedom of summer. Wear your tresses in sassy styles that easily morph from days at the beach to dressier nights out.

Opt for no-muss, no-fuss tousled wave inspired hair styles that can be simply created with the help of your fingers and a few well-placed bobby pins.

Gently reshape damp or newly washed strands prepped with Dream Cream into softly shaped waves that are secured against the scalp.

For an alternative look, wrap damp strands into big fat pin or barrel curls and pin into place. Air dry, unpin, shake your head as you tousle for fabulous waves and ripples. Finish with a spritz of Rawhold Hairspray.

4. Cleanse And Condition Summertime Hair With Mild Natural Products

Some hair care products like Robert's all natural hair care line work better than others at interacting with the hair cuticle.

Combat potential sun and surf damage by washing and conditioning tresses with gentle, moisturizing, Natural Hair Care products from Robert Hallowell that contain NO Parabens (a synthetic foaming agent) or Sodium Laurel Sulfates (a synthetic preservative).

5. Pack Away Hot Styling Tools

During Summer months shun moisture robbing heat-styling habits such as blow-drying, hot rolling and flat ironing as much as possible. Switch to super hair friendly Velcro, sponge or soft rag rollers combined with air-drying for lower risk of heat damage.

When you must use hot tools, prep tresses with a protective spray or Dream Cream before drying hair.

Opt for blow drying with a long finger diffuser attachment to help lift and re-define wavy hair shapes.

6. Postpone Color/Highlighting Until Fall

Hair is normally much drier during hot summer months. Ignore the itch to go blonder or lighter since summer months are the worst time of the year to add chemically drying hair colors.

When you must lighten your locks, use a temporary color that does not contain peroxide or damaging ammonia. If you want to have fun with highlights or colors try pin-on ponies in a wild range of colors.

For a sultry look, wrap an add-on pony in a vibrant shade into a soft neck-hugging chignon or ballerina style bun.

7. Safeguard Color Treated Hair

Color treated or damaged hair will benefit from naturally formulated hair care products from Robert Hallowell. This is especially true for damaged hair resulting from intense styling, color and related chemical treatments and exposure to daily pollutants.

8. Refresh Your New Wavy Hair Style At The End Of Summer

Your curly or wavy hair needs moisture to stay in shape, so make sure to hydrate your hair with natural shampoos that contain natural ingredients.

Use Natural hair Shampoo and Conditioners from Robert Hallowell that contain NO Paragens or NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate to maintain and prolong the beautiful soft bouncy waves.

Harsh detergents such as sodium laurel sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate can dry out your curls faster than natural hair products.


Always make your hair’s protection your priority when having a great summertime. Summer always comes to an end but sun damaged hair can last a long time.

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