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PRO Manicure Is Toluene Or Formaldehyde Or DBP

L'Oreal Nail Polish

PRO Manicure Is Toluene Or Formaldehyde Or DBP

Tired of nail appointments taking up your summer Friday’s and weekend fun?

L’Oréal Paris’ new PRO Manicure collection delivers a do-it-yourself, salon-quality manicure. With professionally inspired shades, a patented no-fuss, application brush, and a long-wear formula, PRO Manicure makes DIY manicures worth the time, every time.

Still want a professional manicure? Take PRO Manicure with you to the salon! Unlike the most popular salon brands, PRO Manicure doesn’t contain toluene, formaldehyde or DBP. Combine this benefit with the formula’s exceptional wearability, and you can be sure your manicured nails stay beautiful and healthy.

Lisa Jachno, L’Oréal Paris’ consulting manicurist who regularly works with stars like Jennifer Lopez and Annette Bening (Jennifer and Annette even wore PRO Manicure to the Golden Globes!) weighs in on summer trends and her PRO Manicure favorites for the summer:

“Summer is all about glistening nail and toes and feeling fresh and sexy in your flip-flops, jeweled sandals and strappy heels,” says Lisa Jachno. “Fresh whites, soft pinks, glistening golds and burst of bright color, like mango, are the colors for summer.”

Lisa’s PRO Manicure summer picks:

In the Buff: “The perfect white – it’s soft, sheer and shimmers ever so slightly.”

I Pink I’m In Love: “A romantic, sheer pink with a hint of iridescence and subtle shimmer that compliments all skin tones.”

Goldy Lucks: “A coppery gold loaded with shimmer to show off sun-kissed skin, especially tanned feet in jeweled sandals.”

Mango Get-em: “This shades just begs for compliments. Its eye-popping mango shade is creamy and just meant to be worn in the sun.” L’Oréal Paris PRO Manicure is this summer’s must-have innovation.

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