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Best Summer Hair Tips For Curly, Wavy And Straight Strands

Best Summer Hair Tips For Curly, Wavy And Straight Strands

Summer can bring glorious visions of natural highlights and sexy beach hair.  In order to have those stunning summer strands you will have to take the proper steps to care for your hair.

You will also need to make sure to avoid summertime hair dangers such as spiraling hot temperatures and related humidity which may damage your hair's cuticle. The result?  Dry, drab, split, brittle or frizzy strands and ragged ends.

You can have healthy, beautiful hair during summer months if you know how to properly take care of it.  Listed below are some general summer hair care guidelines and tips.   When in doubt about how to care for your hair during summer months be sure to consult with your professional hairstylist.

Listed below are some general tips:

How can you avoid scalp/part burns?

Try to avoid parts in your hair all together! Use a fashionable headband or scarf to slick hair back. But if you must part your hair, use a sun specific product with a UV protectant, such as a leave-in treatment which contains sunscreen agents to protect hair from damaging UV rays.

What's the best way to deal with summer dryness?

Summer sun and heat can cause major dryness to hair. The key is to moisturize! Put tons of moisture in your hair. Use moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners – anything that will maximize moisture.

If you plan to hit the beach or pool, apply oil or a product with SPF to the hair. This will create a “seal” that will protect and prevent salt water, chlorine or sun to penetrate and cause damage.

What's a great tip for dealing with summer frizzies?

Find a product that will help combat frizziness, such as a glossy finishing product  which helps to smooth and seal the hair cuticle, offering a radiant luster while eliminating the frizzies and static electricity.

The best way to control curls during the summer?

The best way to control natural curls is to use products that moisturize. Use a moisturizer, like leave-in conditioner, to produce long, flowing curls, and heavy product, like gel, to produce tighter curls.

Curly Hair

Curly hair fares best during Summer months when it's cut into heavy layers which address the natural curl pattern.  The curls should be cut so they nestle into each other.  Curly hair, like wavy hair, needs lot of moisture to allow curls to form and avoid summer related frizz and humidity.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair requires lots of moisture during summer months to counter dryness and emphasize its natural texture. Work with your natural texture since it offers a myriad of great styling summer hair options.  Wavy hair closely resembles beach hair without even visiting the beach.

Fine Hair

For fine hair, long layers are ideal. The layers will create movement and volume. This is perfect for the hot, summer months.

Thick Hair

For thick, straight hair, increases layers to achieve proper movement and flow.  If hair is super thick, the strands can be carefully thinned out for best movement.

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