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French Manicure Circa 2014

French Manicure Circa 2014

Essie 2014 - French Manicure - All Rights Reserved Essie 2014 - French Manicure - Nails Tipped With Essie - Midnight Cami Essie - All Rights Reserved

Taking  inspiration  from  classic  menswear,  Rebecca  Minkoff’s  Fall/Winter  2014  collection infused  tailored  silhouettes  with soft, feminine  pieces.

To  complement  the  collection, Michelle  Saunders  for Essie, put  a  bold,  modern  twist  on French Manicure Circa 2014.

Michelle Saunders created a  classic French manicure using edgy colors instead of the traditional colors.

Bahama  Mama (BM) was the base nail color and Midnight  Cami (MC) was used on the tips.

Definition Of French Manicure

Essie Midnight Cami Blue - Essie - All Rights Reserved Essie Midnight Cami Blue - Essie - All Rights Reserved

The classic French Manicure is a style of manicure which is simple yet incredibly elegant.

The traditional French manicure features white tips which are accentuated by a natural looking flesh, pink or peach colored base.

Popularized by high fashion and popular celebrities during the last century, it continues to play a role in fashion trends today.

Some manicures may include the application of artificial nail gels, tips, or acrylics, some of which are referred to as French manicures.

An edgy version of the French Manicure as showcased by Essie at Rebecca  Minkoff’s  Fall/Winter  2014 utilized Midnight Cami (MC) for the tips going in an completely opposite direction.

Essie Bahama Mama - Essie - All Rights Reserved Essie Bahama Mama - Essie - All Rights Reserved

How To Get The Look - French Manicure Circa 2014

1. Apply  First  Base  Base  Coat to  clean,  filed  nails.

2. Once  the  base  coat  dries, apply two  coats  of Bahama  Mama.

3. Using Midnight  Cami,  brush  on  a  neat  arc  across  the  edge  of  the  nail  and  let  dry.

4. Finish  off  the  look  with  one  coat  of  Good  to  Go  Top  Coat.

Essie  Nail  Products  Used

First  Base  Base  Coat - Fabulous base helps glue polish to the nail surface for less chipping and increased wearability.

Essie Bahama Mama - Essie - - All Rights Reserved Essie Bahama Mama - Essie - - All Rights Reserved

Midnight  Cami (MC) - Shimmering, deep twilight blue lacquer moves in shadows, glistening in the night.

Bahama  Mama (BM) - A warm, rich, creamy deep plum with tones of deep purple with berry undertones.

Good  To  Go  Top  Coat - Sets nail color in seconds and creates a brilliant shine. Fast-acting drying agents.

More About Essie Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama is a warm, rich, creamy deep plum.  It can also be described as a deep purple with a berry undertone.

Anytime of the year is the right time for warm deep plum polish.

Essie Midnight Cami Blue - Essie - All Rights Reserved Essie Midnight Cami Blue - Essie - All Rights Reserved

A tropical beauty, Bahama Mama, is creamy and rich.  This rich hue works winter, spring, summer or fall – gorgeous is always in fashion.

This is one of those colors everyone needs to have in her arsenal.  It's such a sophisticated deep wine that is so flattering on so many different skin tones.

The finish is creamy and I didn't find there to be much streaking. Beautiful for the colder seasons and adds just enough color.

Some experts believe BM is like a lighter version of Wicked.  It's great for both casual and dressy occasions. I'd definitely recommend giving this a go!

Summary - French Manicure Circa 2014

Taking a new page out of the French Manicure book, Rebecca  Minkoff’s  Fall/Winter  2014  collection nails, courtesy of Essie's two amazing hues Midnight  Cami (MC) and Bahama  Mama (BM) were combined for a stunning new presentation of deep plum with a deep blue edge.

More On Essie

essie, sold under the L'Oreal umbrella offers extraordinary quality and variety of colors.

essie is one of the biggest players in the nail polish market.

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