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Hair Awards Season

Hair Awards Season

The Academy Awards® Ellen DeGeneres Academy Awards 2014

So many awards, so much hair,  so little time.  Hair Awards Season has already started for 2014 and I'm already behind.

With the big move 0f 2013 finally behind me, I'm taking time off from unpacking mountains of boxes to indulge in the ultimate hair awards season festival.

Many people ask me what awards have the very best hair.  Of course it's totally subjective, but I believe The Oscars® is the best place to ogle stunning, hairstyle changing celebrities.

Ellen DeGeneres Showcases The Best Host Hair

To prove my point, The 2014 Oscars® is being hosted for the second time by Ellen DeGeneres a great celebrity hairstyle icon.  The beloved comic is known for her trademark platinum layered short bob which showcases her spectacular blue eyes and beautiful face.

When the host of the entire awards show has great hair, you know the rest of the presenters will be equally as well coiffed.  Yes, in all fairness Ellen has had a few bad hair days.  What celebrity hasn't?

Ellen's challenging hairstyles date back to her days in high school and early stand up gigs when she was known to wear a gullet - the female version of a classic male mullet.

The Mullet And The Gullet Hairstyles

If you're not familiar with the mullet or gullet, it's two hairstyles combined together on one unsuspecting head.  Usually the hairstyle has a much shorter front and a longer back, although there's no reason the lengths can't be reversed.

Halle Berry 2002 Halle Berry - 74th Annual Academy Awards Press - 2002

Even Ellen acknowledges her time with the dreaded hairstyle by including it in her daytime talk show as a guaranteed laugh trigger.

Best Oscars® Hairstyles Over The Years

As far as best celebrity Oscars® hair over the years?  There have been so many great hairstyles to grace the Red Carpets and the stage.  Yes, there were a few bad tresses, but in my humble opinion, they were overwhelmingly good.

Some of own person favorite Oscars® hairstyles include Halle Berry's 2002 super short crop which triggered a post hair awards season hair cut frenzy.  Halle showcased a gorgeous gown and that history making short hair cut.  It all worked perfectly.  Of course the haircut was specifically showcased during the actress' tear filled acceptance speech.

Marion Cotillard And Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

Another Oscars® hair trend trigger was French actress Marion Cotillard's stunning French twist updo she showcased at the 2009 event.  I received inquiries about how to recreate that hairstyle for more than one year later.

Marion's hairstyle was the talk of the evening.  The other hairstyle at the 2009 awards which won major kudos was the Audrey Hepburnesque ballerina bun Penelope Cruz showcased.

Additional Fabulous Celebrity Oscars® Hairstyles

MarionCotillard2009Oscars1_250h Marion Cotillard's Stunning French Twist At 2009 Academy Awards

An entire list of noteworthy Oscars® hairstyles over the years requires another blog.  However, a few other fabulous examples include:

- Michelle Williams' 2006 sassy low, loose side bun with soft cascading face-framing tendrils

- Natalie Portman’s Grecian-inspired curly updo in 2009

- Hailee Steinfeld’s 2011 dressy updo perfectly embellished with a shiny thin headband

- Stacy Keibler’s long blond one shoulder waves with a genuis inspired tucked back hair roll at the 2012 Oscars

- Jennifer Hudson's 2013 stunning super long straight strands combined with perfectly coiffed blunt eye framing fringe

- Adele's signature retro hairstyle amped up to perfect at the 2013 awards ceremony.

Summary - Hair Awards Season

I have to admit I cheated a little when I was putting together my own best Oscars® Hairstyles lists.  Michelle Williams and Adele always win my votes for their hairstyles.

Mainly because they know what works for them and they stick to it.  Michelle has effortlessly shifted from long to medium to super short hairstyles and always looks fabulous.  Adele is in a hair class all her own.

As far as The Golden Globes and other awards go, there are some great hairstyles to check out.

However, in my own humble opinion, the best hair during Hair Awards Season is always spotted at the biggest and best awards show of the season - The Oscars®.  Don't miss it.

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