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Carey Mulligan Experiencing Award Season Burnout?

People Magazine had an article by Jessica Wedemeyer about Oscar Best Actress Carey Mulligan who is nominated for her role in "An Education."

Although not expected to win against Sandra Bullock, Carey did win at the BAFTA Awards in London.  The film did win the Spirit Award (Independent Spirit Awards) for Best Foreign Film on Friday night (3/8/10).   Carey was present in the audience when the film won Best Foreign Film and she was personally mentioned as being key in the success of the film.

(Image of Carey Mulligan - - All Rights Reserved)

Wedemeyer quotes Carey as saying she's ready for the award season to be over.  I can only imagine how much pressure is applied to the various nominees to attend a vast number of award ceremonies, luncheons, after parties, daytime and night time talk shows.  There are also private parties and honorary dinners.  You name it, they're expected to be there.

"It's been a really long time," Carey told PEOPLE at a luncheon thrown by the Diamond International Corporation in her honor. "It's kind of nostalgic now ... I think I'm just gonna remember this weekend really vividly forever."

The best actress nominee told PEOPLE that the best part about award season is the time spent with cast and crew who helped to make her a star.  "I've never done a job before where I got to spend that time after it with [the cast]," she says. "That's been my favorite part. I go to different cities and travel with all these people. We all got on so well."

Mulligan adds: "I'm really just trying to enjoy it. I want to let these last three days be savored."

(Image of Carey Mulligan - - All Rights Reserved)

"It's really comforting to see how normal and grounded everyone is," Mulligan says. "When you're around these people for a whole season, these incredible actors that you've looked up to your whole life, suddenly they start to become very human. They reach out to you and they're friendly ... Some of the most amazing actors are so sweet and kind. You just never expect that from people, real friendship and warmth."

Carey is bringing her parents and brother to the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

Like Carey, I'm so glad the award season is over because it's exhausting to keep up with all the nominees, the awards, the Red Carpets, the gowns.  Don't get me wrong.  I love all the fashions, the celebrities.

But celebrities become a blur of names, faces and designers.  Yes, it's addictive, all the sparkle, sparkle and flurry.  But I think there are too many red carpets.

In the meantime, I'm heading over to watch the Oscar Awards. So guess who's really not burned out and is addicted?  Yep, me.

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