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Manicure Facts

Introduction - Manicure Facts

OPI Nail Polish Options OPI Nail Polish Options

Listed below are a collection of various manicure facts which may be utilized either at the salon or at home.

1. When possible take your own nail polish to the salon.  Many nail professionals use thinners to extend the life of the polish.  Unfortunately the thinners may cause the color to change from its original hue.  Or it may cause the polish to bubble or peel prematurely.

Another reason to take your own polish including the top and base coats to the salon?  To minimize the possibility of contamination from other clients.   Although rare, it may happen from time to time.

2.  Always store your own polish in a cool, dark place which will extend the life for a year or longer.  Some experts suggest storing nail polish in the refigerater, but others suggest this is not necessary.

3.  Some experts believe that storing the polish upside down may also extend the life of polish.  In a sense when polish is stored upside down or sideways it keeps the lacquer from hardening.

4.  Banish nail moisture of any kind before applying polish.  If there is any moisture or related residue on the nails, polish will not stick as effectively.

5.  Although some nails techs recommend filing across the nail beds to rough them up so polish cling better, over time.  This may cause residual damage to nails.  Avoid this option.

OPI Nail Polish OPI Nail Polish

6.  Use a base coat which feels tacky when dry and is designed to encourage polish to grip to the nails.

7.  Always seal the nails by making sure the base coat, lacquer and top coats all extend over the trimmed edge.  This will help extend the life of any manicure or pedicure.

8.  Fix chips or nicks immediately to prevent more extensive chipping later.

9.  Surprising as it may seem, it can take up to 12 full hours for your nails to completely dry.  When possible get nails down early in the day and avoid heat.  This includes blowing on nails with hot breath or washing hands with hot water.

Avoid exposing nails to hot blow dryer air, hot steam rooms,  saunas or hot baths.  Ultimately heat can interfere with the curing process.

10.  Use daily nail and cuticle oils to keep nails and cuticles hydrated and moist.  When nails are soft and moisturized they will be less likely to rip, split or peel.

11.  Avoid traditional hand lotions which contain alcohol which can dry out cuticles and nail beds.  It can crack the owlish.

12.  Look for hand and nail creams which contain jojoba and Vitamin E designed to efficiently penetrate into the nail bed.

13.  Avoid spraying perfumes or hair sprays near polished nails since they may contain alcohol which can damage polish.

14. For special events which may require ongoing great nails, consider the new gel mani options from OPI or CND.  OPI gel manis are famous for lasting as long as two weeks.

OPI Nail Polish OPI Nail Polish

Experts warn that gel nail products which are available in salons or in DIY options may be more damaging to nails when used extensively over an extended period of time.

15.  When chips appear avoid using polish remover to smooth out polish.  Utilize cuticle oil to smooth  the chip and repaint.

16.  The best way to create  perfect nails are to wear short nails filed straight across the top with rounded edges.  Finish with a soft pearl hued polish.

17.  Nail pro Deborah Lippmann recommends starting your polish application in the middle of the nail on the white semicircle at the bottom, not the cuticle.

18.  Lippmann also recommends using three strokes to cover the nails, one in the middle and then one on each side.

19.  Make sure to always use a base coat before applying polish and a top coat to help the polish adhere.

20.  Polish is available in every price range.  Steal a great color for everyday wear with  Splurge for a special event with Chanel.

Summary - Manicure Facts

Some nail experts suggest that you should also keep your own personalized nail notebook with all your own nail secrets.  This notebook might include a list of your favorite lacquers or techniques you've developed with guarantee you the very best and longest lasting manicure.

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