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In today's New York Post, a newspaper not generally known for its journalistic credibility, a story was printed regarding Jessica Simpson's current Vanity Fair shoot and why her long time beauty expert and best friend Ken Paves was not on the set to give her the usual style guidance she requires and needs.

(Image of Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves - Hairdo Photo Shoot - All Rights Reserved).

The newspaper states that the photographer and the magazine were adverse to Ken, citing his tardiness and expensive rate for his services.

The truth is, Ken was already booked and working with Miss Jennifer Lopez on her Harper's Bazaar Japan cover shoot.  Ken has worked for Vanity Fair (Italy) with Jessica Alba and several others throughout the years. This, in addition to the Vanity Fair cover Ken did for Jennifer Lopez demonstrates the truth of Ken's successful history working for the magazine.

Although the Post claims Paves was dissed by VF Mag and the photographer, nothing could be further from the truth.

As a long time hair journalist I'm shocked that Ken's genius work with Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham - no big hair there!, and most recently the brilliantly talented, super creative and sizzling white hot Lady Ga Ga, seems to go unnoticed, for whatever reasons.

Instead of spinning some media conspiracy, why not just tell the facts the way they are?  Why print innuendos and half truths?  Maybe because it was a slow news day and the biggest Holiday weekend of the year when the truth doesn't sell newspapers.

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