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Ponytail Facts

Paulina Rubio Ponytail Facts - Image of Paulina Rubio Wearing A Textured Side Ponytail

Ponytail Facts

Some things about hair most of us take for granted.  Such is the case with the ponytail.

Anyone who has grown their hair to a certain point reaches the touchstone of pulling it back into a tail of some kind. A new pony, regardless of the length signifies change and growth.

What Is A Ponytail?

A ponytail consists of:

1. The base, where the hair is secured.

2. The tail.

Ponytails, like all hair styles, go through different phases. Although it's always acceptable to wear a ponytail, as far as hair trends, sometimes they're in and sometimes they're out.

There's a lot of info floating around in the hair world regarding ponytail facts, but some important facts get lost in all the noise about ponytails.

Listed below are some important facts and tips for ponytail fans:

1. Ponytails Are Appropriate For Any Age, Race Or Sex

Everyone from babies to grandparents, male and female of any race can wear ponytails. It's a universally loved and appreciated hairstyle.  It is also a popular style for natural textures, locs or dreads.

If you love to wear them, feel free to rock the style, regardless of current hair fashions or opinions. It's your hair, so enjoy it. Ponies are quick to create, fun to wear, keep hair out of your eyes and can be sassy, sexy and flirty.

2. If you're going to wear your hair in a ponytail on a regular basis it's important to alternate where you capture the base.

If you wear your hair at the top of your head one day, the next time wear it a few inches below the first base location. This prevents consistent wear and tear with elastic bands and pulling of delicate strands at the very same base point on a repeated basis. Repeated wrapping of a pony at the very same place will weaken the roots and may lead to rips, tears and knotting.

3. It's just as important to be careful wrapping your hair into the pony as it is taking it out.

Again, this is due to the fact that you are pulling and manipulating strands into a band of some kind. If you love the pony look and plan to wear it frequently invest in the most "hair friendly" elastic pony bands available. Never use a rubber band unless you don't care about damage where the base of the ponytail sits. Rubberbands will rip, pull and damage strands.

4. A wet of damp ponytail is most fragile.

Remember that hair is most delicate and prone to breakage when wet. If you wrap your hair into a pony while it's still wet or damp use extra care. Never brush your hair when wet so if you are going to pull your hair into a pony be sure to only use your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

5. Understand The General Advantages of {{asin=B000BO6F1S,text=Blax}} Versus the Bungee Ponytail Elastics & Cords

I have polled many celeb hairdressers of the years and a large number use either the Blax or {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee}} style elastic bands. Both have ponytail advantages but should be selected according to personal preference and according to budgetary goals and constraints.

The advantage of the Blax band  is that they are inexpensive and can easily be cut off to avoid any hair pulling, ripping, knotting or snagging.  The Bungee bands (favored by Celeb hairstylist Robert Hallowell) are cords with little ends that open and close. {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungees}} have more strength and can be used to anchor ponytail bases in a wide array of heights.

Other great ponytail elastics are available from companies like Smoothies, Karina and Goody.

6. Ponytails are a great starting point for other hairstyles from braids to updos.

Many hairdressers who create chignons, updos or other elaborate party hairstyles will start with one or more ponies secured strategically throughout your head. Ponytails provide instant hair control for coiffing additional curls or textures that are then pinned skillfully in place.

Experiment with taking your ponytail to the next level by wearing it at various strategic points along your head from very hair to very low - at the base of your neck. Wear a pony to one side or if long enough, twist it into a soft two or three strand braid.

7. Ponytails are appropriate for any type of hair accessory.

A casual hairstyle like the pony can instantly be glammed up with a gorgeous clip-in flower, crystal encrusted ponytail clasps or other pony hair accessories. You can use a wide barrette in place of a base elastic or you can play with a wide array of sharks, jaws, claws or similar clips to achieve a new ponytail look.

8. Ponytails are only limited by your imagination.

Over the years I have seen ponytails in just about every possible setting or style. They are often worn on the catwalks with a unique signature such as having multiple stacked ponies or wearing a pony as a faux Mohawk. Of course there are the splayed tails that can be teased and sprayed to flow in the wind.

9 . Ponytails can work for any hair type, length or texture.

Yes, even short tressed people can instantly clip on a ponytail extension to lengthen their hair. Super curly or kinky hair may not be as easily wrapped into a pony in its natural state but if you are dreaming of wearing your hair in a tail, you can do so with a little pre-straightening time.

Ponytails that have lots of texture are beautiful and interesting. Don't think your tail has to be bone straight. Mix it up and let your own texture flow or add a few extra curls of waves.

Professional hairdressers may or may not agree with my ponytail facts because everyone has their own opinion of the famous hair tail. I have met hairdressers who believe there is a time and place for ponytails. They believe ponies should not be worn for celebrity or high fashion events. Others think they are fabulous regardless of the events.

Bottom line, its your hair and you should wear it exactly the way you like it. So without further ado I encourage you to go pony up.

Ponytail Facts - Additional Notes

To view additional ponytail styles along with thousands of hairstyles don't forget to visit's Hairstyle Gallery.

If you have ponytail ideas to share I would love to hear them. Please post a reply or stop by the HairTalk Gallery and share your ponytail or other hair thoughts and philosophies.

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